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Edinburgh Artist Natasha Russell has been selected as Foundation Scotland’s Artist in Residence. Over the coming months Natasha is working with Foundation Scotland to understand our work and distil the essence of who we are. The Residency culminates in a final piece of artwork which will be installed and sited within our main seminar and events room called The Gallery during autumn 2017.

Natasha said, “I’m interested in the opportunity to work with an organisation like Foundation Scotland partly because it incorporates such a wide range of groups and individuals. I think it will be interesting to develop a project that involves elements from each facet of the organisation into an artwork and to try to visualise the way that the business works as a whole.

In addition, the challenge to develop participatory elements to the residency, to engage with the wide variety of individuals and groups involved in Foundation Scotland and to enable them to gain an insight into my practice and to influence the outcomes of the project is interesting.”

The artwork was completed in November 2017. 

Commenting on the residency with Foundation Scotland and the finished installation, Natasha said:

“I wanted to develop a piece of artwork that captured Foundation Scotland’s energy and one which incorporated AB Scotland 44elements from every facet of the organisation. Through conversations with funders, community groups and members of staff, I learned about the different processes and values existing at work within the organisation and began to develop drawings and designs to reflect the patterns. I wanted to develop something that could be both a site-specific installation but also something that could be owned by some of the many individuals and groups linked to the Foundation who are spread across Scotland. Working with the idea of murmurations, the formations of starlings moving as huge and dynamic groups, I cut and collaged together linocuts prints to create a wall piece that aims to reflect the varied and fluid yet supportive structure of Foundation Scotland.”

 AB Scotland 54     AB Scotland 57

The residency was delivered through  Arts and Business Scotland’s Creativity at Work programme, part funded by Creative Scotland.

Foundation Scotland have received further sponsorship from two clients, the William Grant Foundation and Gateway Exchange.

Follow Natasha’s progress at Foundation Scotland by reading her blog

For more information about Natasha’s work, visit



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