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Ardgay and District Community Council

24 January 2016

Ardgay and District Community Council (CC), represents residents living in the parish of Ardgay which includes the village and surrounding areas. Its key role is to represent the views of the community to the Local Authority and other public bodies operating in its area and act to further the interests of the community. Like many other Community Councils in small rural areas the Community Council is one of the few organisations driving projects to benefit its community.

In 2013 the Community Council applied for £5,000.00 from the E.ON Rosehall Community Fund to maintain the production and distribution of the community newsletter four times a year for three years. The newsletter had been produced since 2008 and supported by other funding sources.

The newsletter provides a wealth of information to local residents, including information on Community Council business, local issues, businesses, local groups and organisations, events, local history and much more. The Community Council also publishes the newsletter on its website at

The award was paid in three payments over three years. Now, in its third year of the award, all 550+ residents in this very rural area continue to benefit from this free newsletter as do local businesses and community organisations that are able to use it to pass information on. Although the online version is popular, a sample of residents were surveyed and the overwhelming view was they liked to have a paper copy and they felt it was easier to handle, could be read by all the family and visitors and passed on to others not in the community.

Since the award was made, a new Editor has been recruited and she had made some key changes to the style of the newsletter, which have been welcomed by the wider community.

With the help of a team of 16 volunteer distributors the Community Council can ensure it has a wide distribution across the area and no household is left out.

Over the last six issues the newsletter has had 43 different contributors and the new Editor reports people that have never done so before are contributing and making contact.

The new Editor also reports that the number of paying advertisers is increasing which goes some way towards costs.

Sylvia Muras, the new volunteer Editor of the Newsletter and professional graphic designer and journalist, said she has also been engaging with children with content designed especially for them, such as through “Hamish the tartan dragon” cartoon and an art competition run through the newsletter and supported by the two local primary schools.

“All residents, young and old, are benefiting from better communication, increased volunteering opportunities and a more connected, contributing community,” she said.

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