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Art in Healthcare - Art from Art

10 September 2014
An example of the art project from Art in Healthcare

Since 1991 Art in Healthcare (AiH) has been assembling one of the largest and most prestigious Collections of original Scottish art in the country. These artworks are on display in hospitals and other healthcare settings for the enjoyment and benefit of the hundreds of thousands of staff, patients and visitors who pass through the doors each year.

AiH believes that creativity can positively affect health and wellbeing, and aspire to be the leading provider to care environments of creative learning experiences that encourage social interaction, build self-esteem and develop new skills for participants.

In 2013, the Glebefoot Charitable Trust through Foundation Scotland funded their ‘Art from Art’ project - a series of Art From Art 1art workshops for Alzheimer Scotland, for those living with dementia who commonly suffer from feelings of isolation. The aim of the project was to increase opportunities for social interaction through art therapy, as well as encouraging self expression and improving communication skills.

The project provided over 20 art workshops with an average of 5 participants and at least 1 staff member in each. Moreover, a large number of these participants had artworks featuring in AiH’s annual outreach exhibition in March 2014 in Out of the Blue (a large arts complex), which most participants were able to visit, along with family and friends, hereby gaining pride for seeing their artwork(s) on public display.

Furthermore, the support of the Glebefoot Charitable Trust has allowed AiH to address the long-term sustainability of the art workshops both for Alzheimer Scotland and others clients, working on the marketing materials and general structure of the programme.

While participants were not in the position to give written feedback themselves, comments from a wide variety of staff, volunteers and artists strongly reflects the success of the workshops, commonly mentioning that the participants seemed to gain a great deal from taking part, from the social element and the creativity.

One volunteer, Sarah, said, “All thanked me and the artist a lot, gave us cards and chocolate! Said they would love to do it again and it was one of the most therapeutic and enjoyable classes that the men had had.”

“The generous contribution of the Glebefoot Charitable Trust has enabled us at AiH to build on an earlier pilot programme of our interactive and creative art workshops further proving that they are both a highly valued and worthwhile activity, particularly for dementia sufferers. We can now look forward to the future of our outreach programme even more excited and prepared than before.”
Amelia Calvert, AiH Outreach Manager.

“We have been delighted to be partners with Art in Healthcare for some time. The artists that we have worked with have always been understanding of those people we support. The creative opportunities that are given to people with dementia and the responses from people are amazing.”
Alan Midwinter, Manager for Alzheimer Scotland, Prentice Centre


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