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Bilbster and Thuster Hall

01 October 2015

Bilbster and Thuster Hall was established in 1928 and is managed by a committee on behalf of the community. The hall is used for annual events such as Halloween and Christmas parties for local children, Christmas concerts and Burns suppers. In addition it provides the only meeting place for local residents, and community groups such as the Scottish Women’s Institute. Approximately 250 individuals use the facility each year.

In September 2013, Bilbster and Thuster Hall Committee was awarded £2,178 from the E.ON Camster Community Fund which paid for materials to replace the outer waterproof layer of the hall’s roof. The committee decided to undertake the renovations themselves on a voluntary basis, with the volunteer input serving as in-kind match funding for the grant. Members of the committee include two time-served joiners who supervised the renovation, and ensured the work was carried out safely and to a high standard. The committee had previously carried out a similar project which involved replacing the hall’s windows so already had scaffolding and other safety equipment for use on the roof.

Because it was being carried out by volunteers the work was done at weekends. The grant fully funded the cost of the materials, without which the committee would only have been able to afford to patch problem areas instead of replacing the entirety of the outer layer of the roof.

Committee member Robert McKiddie said, “as a Committee we have some dedicated hard working individuals willing to undertake work but not significant funds to carry out large projects so the award from the E.ON Camster Community Fund was invaluable. The work carried out has ensured that roof is watertight and will protect the interior of the hall so that it can continue to be used by members of the local community for years to come.”

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