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30 May 2016

As a project to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, Borestone Community Council researched and developed the Borestone Heritage Trail. This Trail, which takes its name from the spot where Robert the Bruce is said to have raised his standard at the Battle of Bannockburn, also links to 5 other trails around Stirling with similar historical connections.

An Earlsburn Community Fund grant of £1,800 paid for key features of the 3 mile Trail to be installed, including an ‘Interpretation Board’ and ‘Waymark Stickers’ where the trail led into Carron Valley CC territory, as well as part of the Heritage Trail leaflet print run. This was vital to ensure Trail development reached completion in time for the 2014 Battle of Bannockburn celebrations.

Among the many local beneficiaries of the project are the children of Borestone Primary School and COP nursery at the Hillview Centre, as well as adults from the local community who frequent the Hillview Centre. The newly developed Borestone Heritage Trail is engaging many local people in the exploration of their rich historical heritage in a fresh and compelling way.

Beyond educating about local history and the natural environment, the Borestone Trail provides an outdoor activity to help promote a more active lifestyle and improve health and wellbeing. As such, it is an important resource within an area of multiple deprivation.

The new Trail is also attracting more visitors to the area, helping to boost the local economy and make the community more sustainable in the longer term. Other long term impacts of the project include the web presence of the Trail, which now appears on the Stirling Council website. With this key attraction now visibly linked the area and its surrounding communities, businesses and visitors are more likely to gravitate towards the area. This project, made possible with Earlsburn Community Fund support, therefore goes some way towards investing in the long term prosperity of the area, and the communities who live there.


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