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Bridgend Bowling Club

09 August 2016

Bridgend Bowling Club is a small club on Islay, with big ideas.   With an elderly membership of consisting of 25 people, a key priority for the Club is to attract new members, whilst increasing the opportunities for people to play bowls. 

One of the first steps has been the installation of boarding around the bowling green.  The board allows safe access to the green for those with limited mobility, as well as providing a safety barrier for both players and spectators.

Over a two week period, a team of volunteers, helped create the ditch and install the boarding.  Volunteers consisted of members and non-members.  As a result, many members have felt more connected, with many commenting that they now feel as though they have an active role to play in developing the club.

Club membership has also grown since the volunteering day with six new members joining and others coming along to play on a regular basis.

The award from Fourteen has also allowed them to install picnic tables have for spectators, to help those who are no longer able to play and maintain links with the club. The picnic tables provide a space where they can come with their carers, watch matches and have a chat amongst friends.

The Club have been surprised by the membership response to the work and the sense of community that has been generated.  They hope the introduction of regular volunteer work days will allow them to build on this.

The next challenge is to tackle the perception of bowls being an old person’s sport and entice the younger members of the community to become members.

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