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Brough Bay Association

26 July 2018
Brough Bay Association

Brough Bay Association is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of Brough Harbour and its facilities. In addition, they are keen to ensure the Harbour is a well-loved community space for locals and tourists to enjoy. The Harbour setting is popular amongst walkers, artists, photographers, family picnics and people looking to explore the sea scape. And is used regularly for by kayakers as a start/end point for their excursions. It is also a haven for wildlife and people often spend time there bird and seal watching. In the summer it can attract up to 200 visitors per day.

Seaweed growing on the slipway was a major problem for the Association. Harbours commonly keep their slipways clear of seaweed by treating them with lime or bleach, however this causes immediate contamination of the marine environment and given the area’s seal colonies and sea bird populations the committee were keen to find an environmentally friendly solution.

An award of up to £1,000 was offered from the Greencoat Stroupster Community Fund to the Committee to allow them to hire a variety of pressure washers to determine whether this approach would be effective. Hiring different washers, a team of volunteers carried out the cleaning operations. The hiring of different machines enabled the group to evaluate different sizes and types of lance and determine which machine would provide the best solution.

The Committee were pleased with the results, with the Caithness Diving Club reporting that the removal of seaweed and algae, made it safer and easier to use the slipway.

They agreed that it would be cost effective to purchase their own pressure washer.
They were awarded a further £3,548 the following year to purchase their own pressure washer and clean the slipway as often as necessary. Working with the suppliers, they were also able to purchase a washer which used sea water, thus removing the need to transport transport water to the harbour and eases the need to have a road worth towable washer.

Chairman David Glass said “The Brough slipway was kept free from weeds and safe to be used by visitors and people launching boats. The grant also brought together teams of volunteers together to carry out the pressure washing operations.”


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