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Super Spire

02 April 2013

For the past 16 years, Foundation Scotland has organised and run Scotland’s premier outdoor charity event, the Caledonian Challenge. Since 1996, over 15,000 participants have raised over £12 million for the Foundation.

Each year many people take part in both the Challenge, and its little sister, the Hike. One team who have taken on the Challenge for the last three years is Super Spire, from Spire healthcare.

The gorgeous surroundings of where the Challenge is staged; including amazing views of the UK’s largest mountain, Ben Nevis, walking the famous West Highland Way – voted one of the top 20 hikes in the world by the National Geographic, and passing through Glencoe – the setting for the climax of the latest James Bond Blockbuster, Skyfall, are only a fraction of what Super Spire takes from its participation. 

Initially, Super Spire was formed as it was an opportunity for staff to raise money for a very worthwhile cause, as well as an opportunity for staff and doctors at the hospital to spend time together and build relationships that would never have existed otherwise.

Moreover, in the run-up to the Challenge, training sessions are required to ensure that participants are properly prepared for taking on the Challenge. Super Spire has benefitted from its team members training together which has helped to build morale and friendships. Team members have also gone on trips to prepare for the Challenge; going away for weekends in order to carry out parts of West Highland Way.

As well as the bonding the team has experienced through participating in previous challenges and training sessions, they have also been able to build relationships through fundraising together. To date, Super Spire has taken part in numerous fundraising initiatives for the Challenge including, running bake sales in the hospital, and running a tombola stand at the Corstorphine Fair.

Of course, there is also a health and fitness aspect which benefits the team. The months of training in the run-up to the event helps the team members stay fit and healthy; one team member even lost 3 stone whilst training for the Challenge, which they successfully completed in 2012.

Spire Healthcare also benefits from Super Spire’s participation in the Challenge. Although there is no financial benefit for the company, it makes its gain through increased morale in its staff, as well as better lines of communication also being established amongst the staff.

When asked about the Caledonian Challenge, Victoria Brewster, Marketing and Media Executive at Spire Healthcare, said: “Spire Edinburgh Hospitals love the Caledonian Challenge, from the support provided by the organisers to the views on the walk, the whole experience is incomparable to any other events or activity. The team spirit it builds, and life long relationships it creates, there is something magical about it. Crossing the finishing line is a memory of a lifetime. If you get the opportunity to take part, do it. Many would do it again but no one regrets doing it!”

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