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Cambusbarron Play Group - Making learning more fun

02 April 2013

On the outskirts of Stirling, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, sits Cambusbarron. This small suburb is home to the Cambusbarron playgroup, which offers a safe, interesting and relaxed environment for playing and learning for children aged from 2 years 9 months up to the age of 5. The group is not the only pre-school facility in the area, but prides itself in offering am more tailored approach to the children who attend, a very valuable play to the parents who choose the playgroup over the school nursery.

The local community centre provides a home for the playgroup within a dedicated room. The room was looking tired and in need of upgrading, rather than the welcoming environment that parents hope their children can experience whilst making that transition from home to learning. The playgroup submitted an application to Falck Renewables Earlsburn Community Fund for a grant towards the refurbishment of the playroom, which they hoped would increase the practical use of the space available, provide a clean, modern, bright and child-friendly atmosphere and enable the creation of a quiet area.

After consulting with the children, a local artist was employed to create a jungle theme for the space. A mural of jungle animals was painted on the wall and a reading area was created, covered in large leaves to reinforce the jungle theme. The theme has allowed further integration with the children’s learning through the new curriculum for excellence.

The result is a bright fun playroom which provides the resources that can better support the learning and development of local children.

The group has recently applied for a subsequent grant to contribute towards a 3 year health and well being plan, promoting healthier lifestyles for the children. They had already arranged for the children to experience different activities which they may not have previously encountered in the home environment. They hope it will encourage exercise and children’s learning about the different parts of their bodies, and that the children will take their learning home.

Sarah Lamont said “The playgroup usually only receives sufficient funds to offer the basic service to parents and children, and not the little extras that can enhance the learning experience. These grants will enable us to make a difference by offering the children new and different experiences that they many not otherwise have had the opportunity to encounter.”

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