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Central Dunfermline Community Council

10 April 2015

Central Dunfermline Community Council (CDCC) acts as a link between its 20,000 residents and the local authority. They keep everyone involved through their Facebook page, flyers and posters and representation at various local events.

One of the main issues for the Community Council has been Dunfermline Public Park.

Dunfermline is well known for Pittencrieff Park and its many amenities, but Dunfermline Public Park near the centre of town had been rather neglected until recently.

On recognising the community resource was crying out to be utilised, the Community Council commissioned a Greenspaces Scotland survey to consult with local residents about their thoughts on and vision for the space. The park was mostly used as a green access route from home to a variety of key destinations, the town centre, the schools, East End Park and the train station. However, there were no signs or maps at the entrances welcoming park users to the park and no indication of the facilities available. It was also noted that the views into the park were limited and some overgrown areas meant that access points weren’t being used to their full potential as they were unattractive and perceived as being hazardous.

The report identified a number of suggestions for improvement and development and the Community Council embarked on the process of finding funding and utilising the local knowledge and expertise of volunteers to implement the plan.

In 2013, the group received a grant of £2,923 from the ScotRail Foundation towards the cost of purchasing materials to improve the unkempt and hidden entrance to the public park located at the corner of Dunfermline Train Station car park.

The overgrown section was cleared and signage installed to promote a walking/cycling route to the town centre and beyond as well as local information on history of the park and the station/railway. The work was undertaken in partnership with the local Skills Centre offering work experience to young people and ex-offenders seeking to return to work.

Jim Stewart, Chairperson of Central Dunfermline Community Council said “The ScotRail funding process was simple and provided a swift response. Knowing we had our funding in place, we were able to order the equipment needed and complete the project quickly.”

This is just one of many projects that the Community Council is working on which will all contribute to a vibrant community space that encourages community interaction and participation.

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