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Flycup Catering - Upgrading Training Facilities

21 March 2013

Fly Cup Catering is a registered charity set up for adults with learning disabilities in recognition of the self-esteem, social and economic benefits that can be gained by being part of a supportive work and training environment. It provides opportunities to access training and employment within the catering sector in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. They provide over 20 trainees with work experience through the cafe, sandwich shop and outside catering services. The group also works closely with other catering establishments in the area to develop temporary or permanent work placements.

With help from the May Gurney Foundation, Fly Cup Catering has now relocated all their existing services under one roof. Extensive refurbishment work was carried out with the financial support of the May Gurney award. The refurbishment has provided them with improved facilities with more efficient working areas. They now
have a larger training kitchen, training room and a larger community café and shop to serve the local community and businesses.

The much needed improved facilities allow them to train existing and new beneficiaries and provide work placements/experience in food preparation and serving customers in the café and shop – which can now be open five days a week instead of the previous four.

Moreover, they are now able to increase the number of day placements for people with disabilities by up to a further 10 to 15 over the next 3 years.

Louise Sutherland Business Manager said “The aim of Fly Cup Catering Ltd is to assist adults with learning disabilities by providing professional catering training and a path to employment opportunities. In July 2012 we relocated to new leased premises which now houses all of Fly Cup Catering’s existing services under one roof. The grant we gratefully received from May Gurney was used to contribute to the upgrade costs of the new premises. The upgrade included an improved and larger training kitchen and training rooms and a larger community cafe with shop. This has allowed us to provide more training placements, grow as a business and continue to improve the lives of trainees.”


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