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Killin Youth Group

25 April 2014

Killin Youth Group provides social, educational and leisure activities for young people living in the village of Killin in rural Stirlingshire. The group was set up following concerns about the levels of anti-social behaviour in the town. There was a lack of amenities in the area and as such young people had nowhere to go in the evenings to learn news skills or socialise with their peers.

Established in 2010, the group offers young people a range of structured activities including team games, water sports, music nights and cooking workshops. As well as developing their practical skills and talents, these activities help enhance young peoples confidence, communication and team building skills.

What’s more, the group regularly organises a variety of outings and day trips which has included a brilliant day out at Murrayfield to watch an international rugby match, a camping trip and pantomime visit. Young people also enjoy less structured opportunities to simply ‘hang out’ and socialise with friends and peers. 

The organisation received funding from Stirling Council to employ one part-time youth support worker but in order to run the many activities on offer they really needed a second worker to ensure appropriate adult supervision for outings and weekly sessions.  By having two regular members of staff, with backgrounds in youth work, the young people were able to take part in a wider range of activities and get together more frequently.  It has also meant that the group doesn’t rely on parent volunteers, which can be off putting for some young people and deter their attendance.  

In 2012 a grant of £1,615 was awarded to the group from Foundation Scotland, which came from the Baillie Gifford Community Awards Fund.  The money allowed them to employ an additional part-time youth worker for one year and pay for insurance and Youth Scotland affiliation.   During the course of the year 36 young people regularly attended the group, with some travelling from as far away as Doune and Callendar.  Thanks to the great weather in the summer of 2012 the young people were keen to take part in more locally based activities than in previous years, so these were organised in the local park and Sports Centre.  

Suzanne Player, Killin Youth Group Secretary said, “The employment of Caz to support the KYG youth leader has been a great success.  She has provided reliable back up and meant that parents do not have to help out at evening sessions, which can be inhibiting for the young people.  Having the consistency of the same worker at all sessions, instead of different volunteers each week, has also given the opportunity to build up trust between the worker and young people over the year.”

"Because I live far from my friends, Killin Youth Group is one of the best things in my life and I hope it can get awesome stuff for the future" 
Robbie, aged 15

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