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Lairg Gala Week Committee

26 January 2016

The Lairg Gala Week Committee was established in 1993 and organises the annual Lairg Gala Week, the bonfire and fireworks evening and other occasional events throughout the year.

The group are also responsible for providing the catering during the gala week and this provides them with a significant income source to support other community events e.g. children’s trip to the pantomime and the over 60’s Christmas party.

Over the years the group hired a porta cabin to operate their catering from, however with increasing costs this was becoming ever more prohibitive. The group therefore decided to purchase a bespoke catering cabin and trailer

The group applied to the E.ON Rosehall Community Fund for £13,000 to support their purchase.

A local trainee architect, designed the cabin and was built by a local joiner. The cabin was designed to sit on a low trailer, with jack-up legs which would allow the cabin to be raised or lowered depending on ground conditions, or alternatively the trailer could be removed. This added flexibility would allow the group to use the trailer to transport other equipment.

In the past the group has to turn down requests to provide the catering for other groups, with its own catering cabin, it is now able to provide a service to events such as May Fest and The Lairg Crofters show, and in turn bring in additional income.

The group estimated that owning its own catering facilities would allow it to save around £1,300 a year in hire costs, meaning that the purchase costs should be recovered in around ten years. With an estimated lifetime of at least twenty years the cabin should provide a good return on investment.

Jackie Young, Lairg Gala Week Committee member, said having the catering cabin would have been unthinkable without the grant. Both it and the trailer have been invaluable since.

“The whole community has benefited from this project and we now have an asset that can be used for several occasions throughout the year. The Gala Week will now be more financially independent and more money raised will be invested in our community”, she added.


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