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Possobilities for Each and Every Child (PEEK)

20 September 2016

The 12 week programme Shine!,  funded by Spirit of Calton engaged 13 children under the age of 12 in a variety of creative activities. Children worked with a professional artist exploring different visual art forms such as using small explosions and fire to create artwork. The ethos underlying the programme was one of experimentation, taking risks and creating. The freedom to explore and use techniques that could be perceived as ‘risky’ served to build the confidence, skills and interests of those taking part.

There were occasions when the group found it difficult to engage positively with each other and with some of the activities. However, the skills of the artist and support staff, ensured activities were accessible, adaptable and fun ensuring children were keen to learn more.

At the end of the project a public exhibition of all artwork was held at Many Studios. This was an opportunity for the children to showcase their work and share their learning with parents, grandparents and other people important to them. The children were proud of what they had achieved. Their efforts were recognised by those closest to them, increasing their confidence and self-worth. The exhibition also provided an opportunity for the parents and other adults who came along  to build connections and develop positive relationships. One parent in particular who has felt quite isolated is now, since attending the exhibition, making steps towards volunteering locally.

Since the end of the pilot, Shine! has secured further funding to develop and build the project over the space of a year. They hope to involve more young people in the design of the programme.

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