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Scottish Sports Future

01 September 2016

With the Spirit of Calton grant, Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) launched an eight week programme of physical activity sessions for 3-5 year olds with a participating adult/carer to encourage children to be active from an early age.

The classes, held at Crownpoint Sports Complex, provided a variety of activities with the addition of music, balls, hoops and other props to create a highly stimulating and fun environment for toddlers.

There was huge interest from the community, that numbers had to be capped at 12, to ensure that there was enough time for participants to grasp the key skills. As well as promoting a healthy active lifestyle to children and families, the project has enabled the young participants and their parents to socialise and make new friends. Some participants who were initially too shy to take part were seen to grow in confidence as the weeks passed. Lorna Gregory, whose son attended said:

“I have been attending the Sports Tots class at Crownpoint Sports Centre with my four year old son and I am hoping the class will continue after the session ends as my son has gained such a lot from the classes. He was very shy for the first few weeks and was reluctant to take part, however with the encouragement of the friendly and approachable coaches, he has come out of his shell and is now taking part in the activities and really enjoying it. My son along with the other children has gained confidence, social skills and taken part in healthy  play, therefore I hope the classes will continue.”

Other parents saw similar developments in their children:

“My child was quite shy but the coaches are very encouraging and he eventually came out of his shell, took part and now can’t wait to attend!!”

My son has been asking to play the games with his dad and his confidence has grown”

At the end of the eight weeks, all the parents agreed that hat they would bring their child back if the project returned. They felt their children had progressed socially and physically, showing an increased interest in being active.

The Spirit of Calton grant enabled SFF to deliver a programme of activity with lasting benefits for all participants, their families and the local community. Emma Reid from Scottish Sports Fund noted: “The weekly improvements both physically and emotionally from the participants was fantastic. Those who were shy came out of their shell and all the children improved their hand/eye coordination, ball skills and confidence level.”

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