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The Buzz Project

22 October 2013

Based in Fort William, The Buzz Project is a charity which runs a mobile music studio and teaching area from a refurbished bus. The bus drives around remote locations across the Highlands of Scotland, particularly Lochaber, providing young people with an opportunity to express themselves and learn valuable skills.

Established in 2012, the main aim of The Buzz Project is to enable young people aged 14-25 to identify and fulfil their potential. Specifically, the organisation tries to teach young people how to express their needs, wants and ideas with confidence; to develop increased self-awareness and to help them develop the skills and attributes that will benefit them in education and in the workplace.

A single decker bus was kindly donated to the project by The Souter Charitable Trust and The Stagecoach Charitable Committee and has been brilliantly refurbished, to boast a state of the art music studio and teaching area.

The Buzz Project has been founded upon the notion that music is a universal language which enables the expression of difficult themes.  

Participants can come along and learn how to play a musical instrument, learn how to read and create music or discover studio recording techniques. They also have the opportunity to learn about events management and staging and are encouraged to perform for their local communities!

They are also taught a variety of other social and practical skills including team work, financial planning and leadership. 

This is a much needed service in the rural area of Lochaber. Indeed, due to the rural nature of the location, many young people often become bored and frustrated which can lead to feelings of isolation and low self esteem.

The Buzz Project offers young people in Lochaber an innovative and exciting opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. It also acts a safe hub where they can come together with friends and peers.

Volunteers from The Buzz Project helped out at the Caledonian Challenge and Caledonian Hike in 2013 and were awarded a discretionary grant of £500 for their endeavour.

Anita from The buzz Project said, “We are a new project and the bus will be a cost-effective way of getting youth work out to remote communities.  We use music as a medium for communication and expression and our bus has a teaching/social area at the front and a music studio at the back…The Caledonian Challenge funding is extremely useful as it will help us to keep the bus running for 14-25 years olds in Lochaber.” 

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