Foundation Scotland has a significant track record in engaging with local people and organisations to establish and operate a Community Fund with annual income from a local commercial development. Our expertise helps to ensure the Fund meets local priorities, is well managed / governed, and builds the reputation of the development and developer.

We facilitate a community-led approach, helping local people plan effective use of funds and establish sound decision-making process for awards. We provide a full and transparent audit trail, including documentation of programme priorities and criteria through to application process, assessment, recommendations, decisions and the ongoing monitoring of grants.

Our grant making processes are robust, transparent and objective and with parameters set by you, the Developer. This is likely to include fund size, geographic area and particular exclusions. Other criteria may be suggested by ourselves and also by the community. Community Panels are a key feature of our approach, advising Foundation Scotland on how funds should be distributed.

We will provide a model fund agreement between the Foundation and developer that can then be refined to your particular needs and circumstances. We will also develop a Memorandum of Understanding as an agreement between the Foundation and the community, which clarifies respective roles and responsibilities for establishing and operating a Community Fund.

We provide full accountability for management of the Fund and we ensure an annual external audit. As a charity we report to OSCR, the charity regulator, and as a company limited by guarantee we provide a return to Companies House annually.

Normally, our fees are met by developers and our services are provided as an additional resource to communities affected by developments.

We can also assist in the development of local community action plans and fund strategies aimed at helping communities direct their funds for maximum impact.

For further information on the services we can provide developers please contact Rachel Searle-Mbullu on 0141 341 4961.

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