Community benefit funds tend to be established to benefit a specific area. Usually an organisation needs to be based or working in the defined area of benefit to apply. Each Fund will have its own eligibility criteria, so it’s advisable to look at the relevant fund page prior to applying.

Each Fund has a dedicated application form and guidance material. For larger grants additional information may be required. These documents and information will be made available on the website for applicants to download.

You will be required to submit a signed copy of your annual accounts and a signed copy of your organisation’s constitution with your completed application form. Other supporting documentation may also be required. Our assessors will arrange to call you to discuss your project in more detail. This information will help inform our recommendation to the Panel, who will then make a decision on your application.

If your grant award is approved, Foundation Scotland will issue an offer letter with a Grant Acceptance Form, detailing any grant conditions. We cannot release any money until the signed Grant Acceptance Form has been returned.

Please ensure you submit your application in plenty of time ahead of your anticipated project start date. If your application is successful it can take two-three months for you to receive payment after a funding round has closed. We will discuss this with you.

We are keen to hear your story about how the funds have enabled you to deliver your project. We ask that you share this with us within a few months of completing the project. Some funds may have specific forms to use or questions to be answered. We will tell you what is required. Your feedback will be shared with the Panel, the developer and the wider community. We may use your story in our information and material about community funds or in press releases. We think this is an effective way to share good practice and inspire others.

Community Panels are the decision makers for awards from Community Funds. These Panels needs a pool of community members to serve as future panel members. If you have been a recipient of an award – or even if your application wasn’t successful - you will be well placed to put yourself forward to join the Panel when a vacancy comes up. Please consider doing so.

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