Heriot Community Fund

About the Panel

The Heriot Community Investment Advisory Panel makes recommendations on awards from the Heriot Community Fund and also advises on overall Fund strategy. The Panel is governed by a Terms of Reference that has been developed and agreed between community representatives, Foundation Scotland and SSE, and is reviewed from time-to-time.

The Panel is made up of people who live in the area served by Heriot Community Council and comprises two members appointed by the Community Council and up to four other members of the community. The four ‘wider community’ representatives are selected through an open and transparent process agreed between the Community Council, SSE and Foundation Scotland.

Each Panel member serves a maximum of three years, with members retiring on a phased basis to ensure knowledge and expertise are retained. However, previous Panel Members may stand again. Opportunities to become a Panel member are openly advertised when these arise, both locally and on this webpage.

The Panel meets twice each year to make decisions on applications to the Fund.

The current Panel is:
• Colin Hood (Heriot Community Council)
• Felix Otton (Heriot Community Council)
• Frank Connelly
• Elspeth Robertson
• Gavin Whittaker
• David Bowes Lyon

Minutes of Panel meetings will be available on this webpage soon.

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