North Rhins 

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Eleven community council areas are eligible to recieve North Rhins funding from Greencoat. These are: 

  • Cairnryan
  • Kirkcolm
  • New Luce
  • Old Luce
  • Portpatrick
  • Stoneykirk
  • Lochans
  • Leswalt
  • Stranrear
  • Ochtrelure & Belmont
  • Castle Kenndedy.


Decisions on grants and payments to groups are made directly by the Community Council or Community  Association group that receive payments directly.

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in these areas can to apply to their local Community Council / Association.

The only area listed above that does not recieve their North Rhins grant is Castle Kennedy, as it does not currently have a suitable community orgnisation to which the funds can be paid. 

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