Reasons why applications are rejected

We know organisations spend a huge amount of time filling out grant applications, and it’s even more frustrating to find out that all that time has been for nothing and you have been unsuccessful. However, for many they are rejected because they have failed to follow and remember some basic steps.

Applicant has failed to read the guidelines

This seems so basic and fundamental, but it would surprise you the number of applications rejected, purely down to the simple fact the organisation has not read the guidelines. Before applying make sure you understand the eligibility criteria and that your project meets all the requirements. It is pointless trying to shoehorn your project into criteria that isn’t appropriate.

Accounts have not been signed by an independent examiner

The purpose of an inspection is to check that your accounts are consistent with the financial records of your organisation. By independent we mean the accounts should have been inspected by someone with no connection to the management committee/organisation and can undertake an objective and impartial inspection.

Failure to submit relevant documentation

Make sure you gather all the relevant documentation to submit with your application. It is not enough just to complete the application form. Please refer to the guidelines for a full list of additional documentation that is required.

The application form is incomplete or missing information

Missing information will limit our ability to understand your project objectives, so where possible please ensure that all sections are completed.

The project start date is before the decision is made

Foundation Scotland is unable to make grants retrospectively i.e. for costs already incurred. You cannot apply for help with the costs of any activities that will take place before we give you a decision on your application. Our website will give you a clear indication of when decisions are expected, so you should factor that into your application.

Your budget doesn’t work

Make sure your budget is clear and well thought out. We need to be confident in your ability to calculate your financial needs.

You didn’t meet the deadline

Failure to meet the submission deadline will result in an automatic rejection. Due to the volume of applications we are unable to make exceptions – so please ensure you submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline.

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