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Online giving account - giving made easy

Who is it for?

 Anyone who wants to give to charity but don't always have the time to do so. With our account you can deposit  a Iphone 5minimum of £1,000 per annum or regular payments of £84 per month.

It is a simple and tax-efficient way to give to charity, allowing you to put aside money to give to charitable organisations throughout the UK. You have autonomy over how and when you choose to support the causes that are close to your heart - whether it's responding to an emergency appeal or making regular donations to your favourite charities. All your donations are made from one place, so it's easy to keep track of your giving for tax purposes. 

Simply add funds to your online account by debit card or by setting up a standing order from your bank account and start giving to as many charities as you wish. You can also add your favourite charities to your list.

As a charity we aim to keep our fees to a minimum.  We will deduct a small contribution of 4% from the value of your donations to contribute to the work of Foundation Scotland. Your donation will further our vision of a vibrant Scotland where philanthropists and independent funders invest money, expertise and influence to make a difference to causes and communities that inspire them.

Giving made tax-efficient

We claim the Gift Aid for you, making your donation go further and helping charities with limited time to benefit from Gift Aid value on the donations they receive.

Higher rate tax payers can claim back £250 in tax relief on a £1000 donation, making the cost of  giving £750. Additional rate tax payers can claim £312.50, in tax relief  making the cost of giving £687.50

“I find the online account extremely handy to have at my fingertips as quite often a decision to donate to a particular cause can be a spur of the moment thing or can be triggered by, for example, an online news article or receipt of an email. The online account allows me to make a donation there and then, quickly and easily.

 The account allows me to build up a list of favourite charities and a big plus point is in having all the details of the various financial transactions in the one place.

 If you haven’t tried this method of managing your charitable giving, I’d recommend that you give it a go!”

Ian Brooks

Read our FAQ's to find out more


Why not open a giving account today!

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The sign-up process is quick and simple. In a few minutes you will be able to give to any charitable organisation in the UK that you wish. Once you have signed up you can go in at any time and make a donation, view your transactions, change or add to your favourite charities, amend regular donations or change your personal details.

If you have any difficulties in signing up to our online giving account please call 0141 341 4960 or email                                                         

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