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Meet your Match Challenge


Meet your Match Challenge is a new matched giving initiative to encourage philanthropic long term giving

Our aim is to better serve communities for generations to come by encouraging new and existing clients to establish a permanent endowment fund.

For each £2 you donate, Foundation Scotland can add £1 as match to help grow your endowment fund.  

Who can participate?

The initiative is open to individuals and families who wish to establish a new named Foundation Scotland invested trust (a permanent endowment fund)

How it works

  • For every £2 you donate, Foundation Scotland will match with £1. The total match available is £500,000 and is available on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Gifts must meet a minimum level in order to gain a match. The minimum donation is £25,000 and the maximum amount of match funding available is £50,000. 
  • You are welcome to set up a larger Foundation Scotland Trust, however a sum in excess of the maximum £100,000 donation amount is not eligible for match funding.
  • Gifts of cash are eligible for match funding and can attract Gift Aid for UK tax payers. We will match the value of gifts including Gift Aid.
  • Gifts of publicly quoted shares can also be considered for match funding. Please note the donation of shares to a charity do not attract Gift Aid, however, you may benefit from other tax reliefs.

If you want to invest in tomorrow, with a gift today ...

 then contact the Philanthropy team on  0131 524 0300 or email 

 How you can maximise the match available with a cash gift 

 Maximise Your Match 

How you can establish a new fund with the minimum cash gift

 Minimise Match

The examples are for illustrative purposes only.  

NB Individuals should seek appropriate professional tax advice in regard to their own personal cirumstances.

If you want to invest in tomorrow, with a gift today  - then contact the Philanthropy team on  0131 524 0300 or email

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