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Grass Roots Sports


Foundation Scotland has been delivering the Grassroots Sports Fund since 2014. Small grants of up to £2,000 are available for groups with an income below £250,000.


The criteria for the fund are as follows: 

  • Improving participation in sport - all ages, abilities, all sports etc, not for elite athletes. 

  • Widening access – good geographical coverage, particularly supporting groups where access to facilities is currently poor, either because area is disadvantaged or because of a rural location and lack of facilities. 

  • Sustainability and helping to keep small clubs going, either by increasing the pool of volunteers, or purchasing long term equipment.

The highest priorities for support are pitch/ venue hire, buying equipment and paying for coaching and developing coaching skills.  Funding for strips and football projects are viewed as a low priority. 


In 2019 there will be five rounds, the deadlines for receiving completed application forms and supporting documentation is 4pm by the following dates:


Project start date

21 January 2019

on or after 18 March 2019

4 March 2019

on or after 13 May 2019

3 June 2019

on or after 12 August 2019

2nd September 2019

on or after 11 November 2019

2nd December 2019

on or after 10 February 2020


How to Apply

Please read the guidelines, and then complete  the Baillie Gifford Community Awards Programme application form and  ensure you tick the box to indicate you are applying for sport funding..

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