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EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Education & Training Fund is a charitable fund that will benefit people living in the community council areas of Contin; Garve and District; Lochbroom; Marybank, Scatwell and Strathconon; and Strathpeffer (the Area of Benefit). The Fund, which totals £48,450 per year (index-linked), will support local people with education and training or apprenticeship opportunities and contribute to creating job opportunities in the local area.

The Fund will provide:

  • Bursaries to support an individual’s costs of attending training or education courses (for example travel and subsistence, study materials, childcare, course fees not already being paid for from elsewhere, or accommodation costs);

  • Costs of apprenticeships related to the individual (e.g. the Fund will support costs associated with travel to college, study aids, essential equipment or clothing for undertaking work and an element of wages);

  • Activities that provide individuals with insight and inspiration into working in a specific industry, including costs of delivering activities that link them with prospective employers;

  • A bespoke mentoring programme to an existing business to help improve skills, confidence and capabilities in a range of business areas (this part of the Fund will be launched in 2018).

The Fund will continue for the operating lifetime of the EDF-ER Corriemoillie wind farm, which is likely to be 25 years.

Activity will be supported in the following sectors, on a scale of reducing priorities:

  • Renewables & energy industry related;

  • Engineering, construction and related trades, health & safety, and STEMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Digital);

  • Other industries which will benefit job retention in the area, including tourism, forestry and timber technologies, rural development, agriculture (including crofting), environmental conservation, estates management, aquaculture / fisheries management, equestrian, other land based industries, food & drink, health and social care, creative industries, life sciences, finance and business services, haulage, education and other sectors benefitting the local community;

  • Other education courses that enhance employability and the success of micro (1-10 employees) and small (11-50 employees) sized businesses, including ability to set up and grow your own business.


You can apply for a bursary if you are:

  • Taking an education or training course to improve /gain new skills linked to employability (including re-training for a new role or retaining your current role), or thinking about applying for one;

  • Aged 16 or over (there is no upper age limit for applicants); 

  • Living within the area of benefit;

  • Requiring some financial support to help you attend and /or study;

You will need to provide evidence of the education/training arrangement such as an offer letter before an award is made.  However, you may apply on the basis of a conditional offer.


If you are providing, or planning to offer, an apprenticeship, then you can apply for an award.  Your organisation must be:

  • A private or third sector employer;

  • Micro (under 10 employees) or small (10-50 employees);

  • Unable to finance the costs of the apprenticeship yourself

The apprenticeship must be a position that would not otherwise be available, and the costs you apply for must not be those that can be met by Skills Development Scotland or from other sources.

Awards can support the costs of wages for the time the individual is studying (not at the place of work) and an element of wages (up to one day per week) for the time they are at work. 

Activities that link individuals with employers

Awards will be made towards the cost of activities that provide people living in the Area of Benefit with real experience, insight and inspiration into what working in a specific industry entails. This might include visits from employers to schools and other groups (e.g. at community venues) or from individuals / groups to an employer’s place of work. Awards may cover the costs of participants' travel and subsistence, materials and equipment. Applicants  may be schools, community/third sector bodies or private businesses (micro and small only). 

Traditional ‘carers fair’ type events, the costs of providing Career Services and other statutory-funded activities, and the costs of employers’ time in organising and delivering activities are not eligible for funding.

Annual Mentoring Award

In 2018, The Fund will support two micro (up to 10 employees) or small (10 – 50 employees) businesses to participate in a bespoke package of mentoring where this will improve the skills, confidence and capabilities of those involved in managing the business with the aim of supporting business growth and/or sustainability.

Applicants may be private (for profit) and or social (not-for-privaten-profit) enterprises and must be existing businesses that have been trading for at least two years. They should ideally be operating in one of the industries / sectors that are a priority for the Fund.

An awards of up to £4,000 per business are available. This element of the EDF Corriemoillie Community Fund is being run on a trial basis and will be reviewed once the mentoring activity under those first two awards has been completed.

Making A Difference

The Education & Training Fund has been established to support a range of education and training activity that will lead to the following outcomes:

• More individuals resident within the Area of Benefit are equipped with the range of skills and confidence required to enter into and retain employment in the key sectors the Fund supports;
• Micro / small businesses are able to create new job opportunities or retain existing jobs that may benefit individuals resident in the Area of Benefit;
• Micro / small businesses that employ individuals from the Area of Benefit have the necessary skills and confidence to grow and sustain their operations in order to secure their long-term future.


The application deadlines for this Fund and the dates on which the Panel will make decisions are:


Application Deadline

Panel Meeting Date




Year 3 Round 1

Monday 11 March 2019

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Year 3 Round 2

Monday 26 August 2019

Wednesday 9 October 2019


If you wish to make an application for help with the costs of a course which has been arranged at short notice and your application could not have been lodged in time for the previous application deadline, please get in touch with Foundation Scotland at communitybenefit@foundationscotland.org.uk or 0131 524 0300 as we may still be able to deal with your application.


How to Apply

Please read the FAQ before completing the application form

Apprenticeships (for employers)
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Activities that link individuals with employers
Please read the FAQ before completing the application form

Mentoring Awards
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