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Community Fund

The developer of the Camster Windfarm, E.ON, is providing a Fund for the residents in the Community Council areas of:

• Latheron, Lybster and Clyth;
• Watten; and
• Tannach and District.

E.ON will contribute at least £150,000 per annum for 25 years or the lifetime of the wind farm (Year 1 of the Fund began September 2013). This amount is split equally between the three Community Council areas benefiting from the Fund.

The Fund is managed by Foundation Scotland but decisions on awards are made by a local Panel of 12 people comprising of four representatives from each of the three Community Council areas. Each four is made up of one Community Councillor and three members appointed from the wider community.

A detailed profile of the communities within the area served by the Fund has been prepared by Foundation Scotland, in partnership with Caithness Voluntary Groups and Latheron, Lybster & Clyth Community Development Company. The Profile provides information on: the social, economic and environmental status of the area; the key opportunities and challenges faced by local communities, and; the priorities and views of local residents, businesses and groups. Information from the Profile has informed the development of the Fund Priorities.

Download a copy of the community profile here.

Making A Difference

The Panel has set the following outcomes (the differences that the Fund will seek to bring about for people and groups within the area of benefit) which will guide funding decisions to ensure the Fund delivers lasting improvements for the communities:

1. There are more and better opportunities to take part in sports and recreational pursuits
2. Access to and through settlements is safer
3. People of all ages enjoy more, better and varied activities and services
4. Community life is enhanced and maintained through a wide range of activities, events and improved amenity of settlements
5. Economic activity is encouraged within the Fund area
6. People have more vocational skills and experience
7. The natural and cultural heritage is more valued, experienced and understood by both visitors and residents
8. Energy use in homes and community buildings is more sustainable
9. Tourism opportunities are promoted and created in the Fund area

The following case studies provides examples of how the fund is making a difference to the community:

North Lands Glass

Tannach and District Microgrants

Watten Improvements Group

Bilbster and Thuster Village Hall

Latheronwheel and Latheron Improvement Group

Latheron, Lybster and Clyth Community Development Company

Thrumster Parent Council


There are two rounds of grant-making per Fund year with the following deadlines:

31 March and 30 September.

It takes around eight weeks to process applications so please ensure that your project fits with the timescales.



The Camster Microgrant makes £2,500 available from the Camster Fund, through the Community Council. Microgrants are designed to release small amounts of funding into communities by supporting individuals or small groups of local people and neighbours who want to run local projects that benefit other community members.

Each area operates in a slightly different way. To apply please contact the Latheron, Lybster & Clyth Community Council, the Tannach and District Community Council or the Watten Community Council, depending on where you live.


Available Balances 

As the Fund is split between three areas, each area has a different balance available at any given time. Presently, the balances are as follows:

Latheron, Lybster & Clyth: £62,900

Tannach & District: £120,400

Watten: £157,700

If you are applying on behalf of a group based outwith the Fund area, or for group’s whose project or membership is wider than just the Fund area your award will need to be split appropriately across the three areas and the amount you apply for should be proportionate to the beneficiaries . Please contact Foundatin Scotland in advance of submitting your application to discuss how best to do this.

How to Apply

Please read the fund factsheet  before applying online  or downloading the application form.

For large grants of over £25,000 please call or e-mail Eilidh Gunn (07801 530 218 / eilidh@foundationscotland.org.uk) to discuss before submitting a standard application form.

If you require any assistance to complete an application form please contact Caithness Voluntary Group on 01955 603 453 or visit www.cvg.org.uk


Latest Grants

Science 03

  • To run a series of shows and workshops at Lybster primary school for the 2020 festival.
  • Amount Awarded: £2,000

Lybster Outdoor Bowling Club

  • To pick and point all exterior clubhouse walls to make them waterproof.
  • Amount Awarded: £5,800

Watten School Parent Council


  • To fund a 5-day residential trip to Dalguise for 11 P7 pupils in June 2020.
  • Amount Awarded: £5,146.46

Latheron Hall Committee


  • To clear overgrown areas and resurface the hall car park.
  • Amount Awarded: £18,340

Clyth Burial Ground Association

  • To replace the group's lawnmower and strimmer.
  • Amount Awarded: £1,764

Bilbster and Thuster Hall Committee

  • To renew the flat roof of the extension to the rear of the hall.
  • Amount Awarded: £6,024

Stirkoke Rifle Club

  • To purchase a second sight to use with the group's blind/visually impaired system and associated equipment.
  • Amount Awarded: £1,408

Watten Wee Ones

  • To fund hall hire, insurance, training, toys and equipment which form the group's start up costs.
  • Amount Awarded: £5,200

North Apex Gymnastics Club

  • To contribute to the cost of attending Gymfest in Perth, November 2019.
  • Amount Awarded: £464

Watten School Parent Council

  • To replace the P1-3 class interactive display board.
  • Amount Awarded: £2,300

Caithness Community Connections

  • To fund the group's weekly youth club in Thrumster and introduce messy play sessions from January 2020 to December 2021.
  • Amouint Awarded: £41,601.18

Watten Pre-School Playgroup

  • To purchase and install a replacement computer.
  • Amount Awarded: £968.40

Caithness Community Connections

  • To provide short term funding for the group’s activities to prevent a break in services in the Latheron, Lybster and Clyth area.
  • Amount Awarded: £6,050.00



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