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The Fund is provided by E.ON, the developer of the Rosehall Wind Farm. It benefits the Community Council areas of Ardgay & District; Creich; and Lairg within the County of Sutherland.

The annual Fund will provide a minimum sum of £61,000 (as at Year 1 – August 2012) for the life of the wind farm which is expected to be 25 years, rising with the Retail price Index.  The annual payment to the Fund is divided equally between each of the three Community Council areas.  

The funds available varies from round to round, depending on previous and multi-year awards.

The Rosehall Fund is managed by Foundation Scotland but decisions on awards are made by the SSE & E.ON Community Funds Panel, a local Panel of 12 people comprising of four representatives from each of the three Community Council areas. Each four is made up of two Community Councillors and two members appointed from the wider community. 

The SSE & E.ON Community Funds Panel makes decisions on the E.ON Rosehall Community Fund as well as the Scottish Hydro Achany Community Fund.  Information on the Scottish Hydro Achany Fund and how to apply can be found at http://sse.com/communities/fundlocations/achany/

The Panel accepts applications to both the Rosehall and Achany Funds for the same project (co-funding). However applicants should raise a contribution towards a project from another source. Applications seeking 100% of project costs will not be welcomed except in exceptional circumstances.



The Rosehall Community Fund has been established to support a broad range of community activity and development by primarily supporting the charitable activities of constituted, not-for-profit groups working to benefit residents within the area of benefit.

The Fund aims to invest in activities and initiatives that help build a vibrant local economy, support and encourage thriving communities and make the area an attractive place to live, work and visit for people of all ages.

Making A Difference

 The outcomes for the Rosehall Fund are as follows:

1. Strengthen, sustain and diversify the local economy through the development of established or emerging sectors.
2. Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the local community with a view to stimulating economic and social growth.
3. Increase community benefit through the acquisition, development and use of new community assets and maintain and enhance existing ones.
4. Support measures designed to improve life chances and/or quality of life.
5. Optimise local resources and assets through support for coordinated community activity.
6. Support environmental improvements which give physical social or educational benefit.
7. Support energy conservation and increased use of renewables through the promotion of energy efficiency and sustainability within the area. 
8. Respond to unforeseen circumstances or opportunities that are in keeping with the broad fund outcomes identified above.

The following case studies provides examples of how the fund is making a difference to the community:

The Ardgay and District Community Council

Lairg Gala Week

Rosehall Village Hall


The Fund has two rounds and two deadlines per year.

Deadline Notification

30 April


31 October 


Applications will be considered for projects covering more than one Community Council area.

How to Apply

Apply online or download an application form.

Download the Fund Fact Sheet for more information.



Latest Grants

Ardgay Public Hall Committee

  • To renovate and repair the hall car park wall adjacent to the public foot-paths on Church Street and Carron Place.
  •  Amount awarded: £4,686

Heart of Sutherland Tourism

  • To contribute to the cost of design and production of a tourism information leaflet and map, promoting the Heart of Sutherland area.
  •  Amount awarded: £770

Lairg Football Club

  • To purchase a ride-on mower to maintain the football pitch.
  •  Amount awarded: £6,000

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust

  • To contribute to salary costs for the Trust's part-time Office Manager.
  •  Amount awarded: £13,000

Lairg Community Association

  • To contribute to salary costs for the Association's part-time Administrator.
  •  Amount awarded: £5,200

All Grants

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