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This charitable fund is provided by Barlockhart Moor Wind Energy Ltd; Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd; Glenchamber Wind Energy Ltd, SSE, 2020 Renewables, Greencoat and ScottishPower Renewables, owners of nearby wind farms, who channel their community benefit funds through this single Fund.  

The Fund has been established by Old Luce Community Council, with the aspiration that all of the funds benefitting the Old Luce area can be administered through this single structure.

The Fund only supports projects located within or directly benefiting the Old Luce Community Council area, including the communities of Glenluce, Dunragit and Auchenmalg. 

Download a copy of the Old Luce Community Fund Factsheet for more information.


Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities including. equipment costs, running costs for local groups, staff or sessional worker costs, consultations, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities etc.

Priority will be given to charitable projects that address community needs as identified in the 2016 Old Luce Research & Consultation Report, which is available for download here.

Making A Difference

As well as demonstrating a fit with at least one of the outcomes above, priority for awards can be given to projects that demonstrate the following additional criteria.

  • Match funding: That other possible funding sources for the project have been explored. This might include applicants raising some funds through their own fundraising efforts. The Trust should not displace funding that could be obtained from other sources, but should help lever-in additional funds if possible. Additionally it should not reduce community-based groups’ commitment to organising local activities that contribute to a vibrant community calendar and promote community spirit. Ideally, applicants can demonstrate that a percentage of the total project cost will be sourced from other funding sources, including the applicant organisation itself, which might be in a position to contribute to the project cost. In exceptional circumstances 100% funding may be considered.

  • local procurement: That local suppliers will be used for the provision of goods and services, where appropriate (e.g. in terms of quality of products / services available) and feasible (in terms of availability and cost). (‘Local’ will vary depending on the nature and availability of the item/service in question. In some cases it could be taken to mean within Old Luce and the surrounding area, but in others Dumfries and Galloway or indeed the South of Scotland might be most appropriate).

  • sustainable development: That consideration has been given to helping achieve sustainable development, including minimising the environmental impact of projects and reducing the applicant organisation’s ‘carbon footprint’.

  • local consultation: That the organisation has consulted an appropriate number of the intended beneficiaries of the project and can demonstrate they are supportive of the proposal.

  • partnership working: That the organisation has considered whether delivering their project in partnership with other organisations / groups will add value (financial, capability, or other). This could involve working with voluntary, private or public sector bodies that operate at local, regional or national level.



The Fund operates up to four funding rounds per year. Deadlines in 2018 are:

Closing date

Panel decision 

Monday 20th August


Monday 19th November 

January 2019

Monday 18th February 2019 

April 2019

How to Apply

Please ensure you read the Fund Factsheet before applying. 

For a standard grant application you can apply online or download an application form.

For large grants, please read the factsheet prior to sending us a one-page outline proposal.

Completed and signed applications should be submitted to Programme Administrator Foundation Scotland, The Kiosk, Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway, DG7 2HP.

For more information, you can contact the Programme Administrator on t: 01577 814927 or email office@foundationscotland.org.uk.


Latest Grants

Old Luce Development Trust

  • To support the operating costs of Glenluce village hall for two years.
  • Amount Awarded: £17,512.00

Glenluce Parent Council

  • To add an outside awning to our outside space to allow the children to access outside activities during wet weather.
  • Amount Awarded: £1,000

Old Luce Development Trust

  • To provide high quality Christmas lights in Glenluce and Dunragit, including purchase of lights and associated electrical works.
  • Amount awarded: £41,404

Old Luce Development Trust

  • To purchase and redevelop the property known as Brambles Café, Glenluce.
  • Amount awarded: £231,135

Old Luce Community Council

  • To purchase a defibrillator for the village of Glenluce, to be placed outside the hall in a heated cabinet.
  • Amount awarded: £1,004

Old Luce Community Council

  • To purchase a barbecue for use by the people and community groups of OLCC area.
  • Amount awarded: £1,395

Furniture Project (Stranraer) Ltd

  • To fund delivery and collection of furniture and electrical items for the public in the Old Luce area.
  • Amount awarded: £5,713

Old Luce Development Trust

  • To improve the area around the Back Burn in Glenluce, including replacing the old bridge.
  • Amount awarded: £22,674

Wigtownshire County Golf Club

  • To replace four mowers.
  • Amount awarded: £25,000

All Grants

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