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Tackling Alcohol Related Harm


The Scotch Whisky industry is and has been involved for many years in a range of initiatives to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol and tackle alcohol-related harm. The establishment of this fund by the Scotch Whisky Association is a further development of that commitment.

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This fund has now closed, please be sure to check Foundation Scotland’s website for further updates




To invest in groups and organisations that have innovative plans to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm in Scotland's communities.

What do we mean by alcohol-related harm?

The alcohol industry plays an important role in Scottish society and Scotch is at the heart of the industry.  However, the misuse of alcohol through excessive or inappropriate consumption can have implications for health and a range of social problems, including anti-social behaviour, accidents, violence, family break-down, problems with money and work, which can impact individuals, families and communities. 

The Fund is looking to support and develop a range of projects/initiatives which  deliver targeted interventions designed to tackle alcohol-related harms in Scotland's communities.

The Fund will focus on applications from new/innovative or pilot initiatives which aim to test new approaches and which will offer an opportunity for learning that others can use.

Awards of up to £25,000 for a one year period can be made through this Fund. Please note that  whilst you can apply for up to £25,000, an award of this level would only be granted in exception circumstances.  In practice, we would expect to make awards in the region of £10,000. 

Projects which secure funding under this Fund and can demonstrate an impact can receive further funding of up to £25K per annum to support their initiative.  The Fund will support projects for a maximum of three years.

What we mean by innovation

A new facility, initiative, service or novel approach to tackle alcohol-related harm 

Making A Difference

  • The development of new, innovative projects designed to reduce alcohol-related harms within communities.

  • The development of new, innovative projects that aim to educate people and communities about the dangers and consequences of misusing alcohol.
  • Pilot projects that will test out new initiatives and ideas designed to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol consumption and prevent alcohol-misuse.

  • Projects that promote alternative leisure and lifestyle choices for adults and young people to prevent alcohol-misuse.

What can you apply for?

  • Salary costs for existing and new posts will be considered

  • Running costs and venue hire for the expansion or development of services and activities.

  • Sessional worker costs related to new services and activities.

  • Volunteer expenses.

  • Small items of equipment where these are needed to expand or develop services and activities.

  • Miscellaneous start-up costs.



  • Applications from individuals

  • Applications for treatment, support or recovery programmes

  • Activities outwith Scotland

  • Political parties or groups and campaigning organisations

  • The promotion of religious beliefs

  • Activities that are understood to be a statutory responsibility and/or seek to replace statutory sources of funding

  • Pre-existing costs that your organisation incurs as a result of your day to day activities.


The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 11th July 2019,  with decisions due by 18th October 2019




How to Apply

This fund is now closed for applications.

If you have any queries please contact Donna Finlayson on 0141 280 8695 or email

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