The ScotRail Cultural and Arts Fund


As part of the ‘ScotRail in the Community’ initiative, a £60,000 annual Cultural and Arts Fund will enable communities to flourish.

The ScotRail Foundation can provide grants of between £500 and £5,000. 


To fund arts, community recreation, and sports activities in the vicinity of a train station or with a travel or safety theme may be given a higher priority than those without a rail connection.

Making A Difference

The application must fit within at least one of the following themes to be eligible for funding:

  • Promotion of performing arts, visual arts, literature, community arts, and cultural traditions

  • Support for artists and artistic organisations to work with communities 

  • Public art e.g. sculptures in open spaces engaging with communities

  • Play areas for children

  • Provision of local activity programmes (including local festivals, civic weeks and galas)

  • Increasing participation in sport and physical activity

  • Sports events

  • Sport outreach programmes


Who can apply? 

The fund welcomes applications from individuals and constituted community groups working in Scotland with an income of no more than £100,000 per year. You/your group’s most recent accounts, or in the case of very new groups, a projection of income and expenditure must be provided with your application.


Eligibility Checklist

Before you proceed, please ensure that you can answer YES to the following questions:

  • Do you have a child and vulnerable adult policy? (If you work/intend to work with vulnerable adults/children you will need to provide this with your application.)

  • Will your activity benefit a Scottish community?

If you are you a constituted group:

    • Have you provided a signed copy of your constitution or other governing document alongside your application?

    • Do you have at least three members on your management committee or board?

    • Do you have independently examined and verified annual accounts or a projection of income and expenditure? (a projection is only appropriate if you are in your first year of operation)

    • Is your income less than £100,000 in your most recent annual accounts?

    • Do you have a bank account in the name of your group?

    • Do you have at least two unrelated cheque signatories required to sign your group’s cheques

If you are you an individual:

  • Will you be working with a community (we define “community” as a group sharing a common interest or geography)?
  • • Is there genuine community involvement (participation rather than just as an audience)?


The fund will not support applications from/for:

  • Organisations with an annual income of more than £100,000

  • Statutory organisations

  • Work in schools, during school/lesson hours
  • Work which does not genuinely engage with communities (beyond just being an audience)


The fund is currently closed and expected to re-open later this year.


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