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Local communities in £90,000 windfall from Langhope Rig Community Benefit Fund

In its biggest funding round since commencing in 2017, the Langhope Rig Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund has awarded £90,000 to local communities in the Scottish Borders.

The fund supports projects located within the specific areas of Ettrick & Yarrow, Lilliesleaf, Ashkirk & Midlem, Upper Teviotdale and Borthwick Water. The aim of the fund, which is provided by Schroders Greencoat and administered by Foundation Scotland, is to support projects which encourage and promote community spirit, ensure adequate access to services for community members, build the local economy and community capacity, and develop and maintain community assets.

Since the Fund opened in 2017, it has provided funding support of over £385,000 to 75 groups and charities located within the Fund area. This sum includes individual Education and Training bursary awards.

All of grants are determined by a panel of local residents The panel members use their local knowledge and passion to ensure that awards are making a direct impact in the community. Thanks to their knowledge and insight, and the commitment of many volunteer groups across the area, the fund has made a huge difference to the local residents and the wider community.

The £90,000 in this funding round will support eight projects which provide benefits right across the area.

Among the awards was a grant of £19,035 to the Central Citizens Advice Bureau to provide an outreach programme for individuals in need of advice and support, including assistance with benefits, cost of living, and debt management. £15,955 was awarded to Nurture the Borders, to support a new mental health outreach project, aiming to equip new parents with the skills they need when starting a family.

Another award of £14,820 was made to Foreman Memorial Hall and Teviothead Village Hall was awarded £11,398 to support capital works and decorating costs, ensuring the longevity of the Halls within the community. 

Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team also received £15,000 to contribute to the costs of  purchasing a new vehicle, supporting them to continue to do the lifesaving work their volunteers carry out across the community.

Neil Wotherspoon from Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue said: 

We would like to thank the Langhope Rig Windfarm Fund for supporting the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team's new vehicle, ensuring that our capabilities are maintained so that we can continue to provide search & rescue and civil resilience capabilities to serve our local communities in their time of need.

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