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Larder cook school kitchen
Larder cook school kitchen

Helping your business grow

Following our integration with Resilient Scotland in May 2021, we can now offer social investment opportunities to social enterprises, community organisations and charities at Foundation Scotland. Over the past 11 years, over £12.5 million has been invested in 72 organisations around Scotland. We're looking forward to investing in even more in the coming years.

What is social investment? 

Social investment is a unique type of funding designed to support social enterprises and charities and enable them to grow and deliver positive social impact. The investment provided is a unique form of blended finance, a combination of grants and loans. Watch the video below for a quick introduction.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a trading business with a clear social or environmental mission, and the majority of its profits are reinvested in the business. They empower communities, tackle social problems, and create jobs - particularly for people who are at a disadvantage in the standard jobs market.

How can we help?

Our solutions create a unique value for social enterprises in Scotland by giving their owners the freedom to grow. The social enterprises we meet have such great ambition and drive to grow their businesses. They know where they want to be, but some need a little support to get there. 

We want you to get you there too. But it's more than just money. We care about your business and your future; together, we'll find the right level of support to help you succeed. From grant funding and repayable finance to business mentoring and expert guidance from our investment team - this is a partnership.

Some of the enterprises we support

Can you help us do more?

We're experts in providing social investment for businesses across Scotland, and we are always looking for partners that want to help us make a difference.

We want to expand our work across Scotland to offer investment opportunities nationwide. To do this, we need individuals, corporate investors, trusts and foundations who share our passion for supporting social enterprises and making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Can you help us drive a positive change by providing social investment for businesses in Scotland? 

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Through our partnership, you've provided Beith Trust with a strong foundation and confidence to develop concepts through to viable enterprises. Without support like this, it is difficult to see how ambitious community projects like Geilsland Estate could gain enough traction to reach their full potential.

Jane Lamont, Beith Community Development Trust