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boy painting a rainbow on a window
boy painting a rainbow on a window

Philanthropy that mirrors your personal values

If you're thinking about charitable giving, you’ll want to make sure your gift is truly effective in helping the people or communities you care about. We’re proud to work with donors like you who make such a difference to so many lives.

Support the causes most important to you

From one-off gifts to regular funds and personalised strategic grant programmes, whatever the size of your donation, we can promise that every penny will be working hard for the people you want to help.

Our work with communities throughout Scotland and, in turn, our detailed local knowledge means we are well placed to ‘match’ you with good causes and charitable projects. Once identified, we can manage the full administrative process.

We’re here to support you in your giving. We’ll listen carefully and take on board what you want your donations to achieve – our aim is always to increase your contribution's value and impact.

Bring your philanthropic interests to life 

You will want to know how your gift is making a difference, so we take care of evaluation, monitoring and reporting, keeping you informed and leaving you free to enjoy the effects of your generosity. 

hands in the shape of a heart
hands in the shape of a heart

The word ‘philanthropy’ comes from the words ‘philo’ and ‘anthropos’ It means ‘a love of mankind'

Visit some of our case studies to see how our donors' philanthropy is directly helping our communities throughout Scotland

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I monitor the progress of my funds or projects?

    Throughout the year you’ll receive information on how your funds have been awarded. Depending on your fund's type and size, we’ll either send six-monthly fund statements or a more detailed annual report, including feedback from your grantees and the impact your fund has had.

  • How involved do I need to be?

    It’s entirely your choice. We’ll work together to build a relationship that works for you. Some donors leave us to manage their giving on their behalf, and we report periodically on fund progress and impact. Others get actively involved in fund decision-making.

  • Can I visit the charities and groups I’m supporting?

    Many of our donors like to see the impact their funds are making for themselves. We’re more than happy to facilitate a visit to some of your funded projects where appropriate.

  • Can I make donations tax effectively?

    If you are a UK taxpayer, there are several ways to give tax-efficiently including Gift Aid; Gifts of Assets including shares; and leaving a gift in your will. Donors can take advantage of tax incentives designed to encourage more giving to charities. You can get advice about making gifts to charity from HM Revenue and Customs. Before making a gift, we recommend you get advice from a lawyer, accountant or other professional who can discuss your personal circumstances.

  • Can I remain anonymous?

    We understand that not all of our donors wish to be publicly linked to their philanthropy. We guarantee confidentiality and anonymity should you prefer not to be identified.

  • I'm a professional advisor, how can I support my clients philanthropy?

    We work closely with independent financial and legal advisors all over Scotland, helping them to support their clients charitable giving. Visit our Information for professional advisors page for more details

  • What if I need some help? Who will be my contact at the Foundation?

    We’ll introduce you to a dedicated fund manager from our philanthropy team who will be there to offer advice, support and updates on your fund.