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Scottish Building Society celebrates first round of grantmaking

The initiative, known as the Scottish Building Society Foundation awards programme, offered a unique opportunity for community organisations to secure 12-month grants amounting to £5,000.00.

Coinciding with their 175th anniversary, the establishment of the Fund underscored the institution's deep commitment to local charities and community groups engaged in meaningful endeavours. Following a highly competitive funding round, 9 organisations from a range of local authorities received an award. 

In Glasgow, The Halliday Foundation, an organisation that works with some of the most deprived families in the city, was awarded a grant to contribute to the salary of the full-time community café coordinator’s post, allowing local people to develop new friendships, embed existing connections, develop new skills, reduce isolation and increase mental wellbeing.

Celebrating their award, the charity remarked: “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded £4,000 towards our project 'Communitea'. Thanks to the support, we will be able to provide activities which reduce social isolation, as well as providing low cost, healthy and nutritious meals to local community members and free meals for children.”

Across the central belt in the City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Tool Library are celebrating their 12-month award which will go towards supporting a project that will contribute to the development and delivery of a series of basic cycle maintenance courses, aimed at tackling transport poverty, promoting bicycle tool proficiency, and fostering self-reliance in the community. It is anticipated that around 75 residents will stand to directly benefit from project activities. 

In the far North of Scotland, youth charity, Caithness KLICS has been awarded a grant to keep their rural, young carers service operating. Grant monies will go towards the costs of continuing to run a minibus to enable young carers in the Caithness area to attend activities throughout the year. In this remote corner of Scotland, access to transport for young people with caring responsibilities is a reoccurring obstacle and it is hoped that this grant will ensure that young carers can access the support they need.

In response to this award, project manager, Wendy Thain remarked: “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the funding from The Scottish Building Society. The bus is such a vital part of KLICS, it allows us to ensure that our young carers have access to our service, that they get to and from KLICS safely and allows us to be able to take them on trips and outings. Having the bus also means that we can reach young carers in rural areas as well. A huge thank you from all the team and young carers at Caithness KLICS!” 

Scottish Building Society alongside Foundation Scotland, look forward to tracking the progress of all projects as they begin their journey in 2023. 

The next round of funding is scheduled to reopen to new applications for a 12-month, small grants programme on 11th September 2023. For further details, visit our funding page.