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Cambusbarron Community Fund

Grant size Up to £10,000
Key dates  
Application deadline: 23/04/24
Notification : June

About this fund

The Cambusbarron Community Fund supports community projects benefiting those living in the Cambusbarron Community Council area in Stirling local authority. The fund is provided by Renantis, which owns Earlsburn Wind Energy Limited (Earlsburn Wind Farm) and Kingsburn Wind Energy Limited (Kingsburn Wind Farm);

An annual amount of £28,000, inflation-adjusted, will be paid into the fund each year for the operating life of the wind farms.

Purpose of this fund

Applications should usually be linked to priorities identified in the Cambusbarron Community Action Plan. These include:

  • Schemes or activities which protect, conserve or improve the environment.
  • Schemes or activities which promote rural regeneration though increasing opportunities for local enterprise and vocational training.
  • The development and improvement of infrastructure including transport, broadband, community-owned property and access routes.
  • Proposals which seek to maintain, improve or expand community services and facilities, including health, welfare and education, particularly with regard to young people and the elderly.
  • The development and improvement of community facilities and activities, including the arts, heritage, culture and science.
  • The development and improvement of leisure/sport facilities and activities and tourism opportunities.
  • Activities which support capacity building for new and existing community organisations, in particular to help promote citizenship and community development.

Additional criteria

  • Match funding - Ideally, applicants should demonstrate that a percentage of the total project cost will be sourced from other funding sources such as local fundraising, the group’s own resources or other external grants.  In exceptional circumstances, 100% funding may be considered.  Awards from this Fund should not displace funding that could be obtained from other sources.
  • Helping to fill gaps in the local provision of services or facilities or provide new/innovative services.  Where ‘filling a gap’ equates to developing a post, please ensure that you have consulted with other organisations and groups that may benefit from paid staff.  The Panel is unwilling to fund duplication of posts in the community. 
  • Using local suppliers to provide goods and services, where possible and appropriate (e.g., quality of products/services available/ value for money).
  • Capacity building - providing opportunities to build the skills and knowledge of group members or other local people, including promoting voluntary activities. 
  • Fostering partnership working - where project delivery with other groups will add value (financial, capability, or other).  This could involve working with voluntary, private or public-sector bodies at local, regional or national levels.
  • Groups seeking to undertake capital projects regarding land or assets must generally either own the property or have a minimum ten-year lease. 

Who can apply?

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in Cambusbarron can apply. You don’t need to be a registered charity to apply, but your group/organisation must meet our standard eligibility criteria.

Applications from groups/organisations located out with the fund area will be considered on a case-by-case basis but must demonstrate a clear benefit for residents within the fund area.

A group will generally only be awarded a main grant up to once in any 12-month period.

What can’t be funded?

Information on what the fund cannot support is provided here

How are decisions made?

Decisions are currently the responsibility of the Cambusbarron Community Council but a Fund Advisory Panel will be established in the future. Foundation Scotland carries out an assessment of applications to assist with the decision-making. More information on the award making process is available on the How funding decisions are made page.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if my project needs less than the minimum grant amount?

    Micro-grants up to £500 are administered directly by the Community Council. Micro-grants can be applied for at any time and will be considered monthly by the Community Council. They can be awarded to formally constituted groups or informal, unconstituted groups for a project or activity that will provide benefit to the community in line with the fund purposes. No more than two micro-grant applications are expected to be made by the same group in any 12-month period. Groups receiving a micro-grant for a project cannot expect to receive a main grant for the same project.  Micro-grant application forms are available by emailing  Please do not send Micro-grant applications to Foundation Scotland.

  • What if our project needs more than £10,000?

    In exceptional circumstances, applications of over £10,000 will be considered for a project that will provide significant levels of community benefit. Please contact Foundation Scotland in the first instance.

  • What if I have more questions?

    For further advice or information on the Cambusbarron Community Fund or to discuss your project proposal informally, please contact the Cambusbarron Community Council in the first instance by emailing

How to apply

Please use the link below to complete an online application form. Completed applications and supporting documents must be received by the application deadline. 

If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form, you can see them here.

If you have any problems accessing the form, please email or call 0131 524 0300 and we can help.

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

For criteria and fund priority enquiries

Rachel Searle, Head of Communities and Impact

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