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Graham Charitable Trust

Grant size Up to £500
Glasgow City
Key dates  
Deadline: Monday 4th July 2022
Decision: Applications submitted by the 4th July 2022 deadline can expect a decision late September/early October.

About this fund

The Graham Trust was established by Charter from the City of Glasgow in 1759 with the original aim of "distribution to persons of the name of Graham or descendants of persons of that name such sums as they shall just requisite and to put poor boys of the name of the descendants of such persons of the name, to schools and trades in order to enable them to gain a livelihood and to be useful members of society."

Purpose of this fund

In 2012, The Trust was re-organised and it is now managed by Foundation Scotland.  The aim of the charitable fund is to provide education bursaries to students studying at higher education institutes in the Glasgow area. 

Who can apply?

In keeping with the original charter, the fund is only open to students with the surname of Graham, or those with a parent with the surname of Graham.

What can’t be funded?

Those who do not have Graham as a surname or a parent with the surname Graham, and those who are not studying in Glasgow.

How are decisions made?

Final recommendations are made by the Fund Adviser at Foundation Scotland which are then formally approved by the solicitors looking after the Trust.

How to apply

Please follow the link to begin your application.

Contact information

Contact name

Linda Phillips, Fund Adviser