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lady shouting into a megaphone
lady shouting into a megaphone

Publicising your award

If you've received funding through Foundation Scotland, we'd like you to acknowledge your award publically. There's a number of reasons this is important to us, your organisation and your fund donor, and we're always here to help.

Celebrate your work
Celebrate your work

Celebrate your work

Now you can shout about your hard work and success in securing funding. Let people know about your organisation, how you're spending your new award, how they can get involved or benefit from what you do. 

Acknowledge the fund donors
Acknowledge the fund donors

Acknowledge the fund donors

Our fund donors really appreciate seeing the impact their funds are making. This highlights our donors' involvement in Scotland's communities and shows the positive contribution they are making.

Help secure more funding
Help secure more funding

Help secure more funding

The more everyone talks about their funding, the more awareness we can generate amongst potential future donors. More donors mean more funding opportunities for Scotland's communities.  


Where you can, please acknowledge Foundation Scotland in your publicity, from tagging us on social media channels to adding our logo to your publicity materials. Please use a form of these words if you can: 

Funded by the [name of Community Fund], administered by Foundation Scotland.

Depending on which fund your award is from, you may also be asked to acknowledge the fund donor. We will have specified these requirements when we sent you the offer of grant, so please read this carefully. 

If you need any help or support with acknowledgement wording, please contact Deborah in the comms team:


If you have any difficulty accessing your required logo, please email with your request.


It would also be extremely helpful if you could provide photographs or video recordings that help illustrate your project and demonstrate its benefits, to be used by Foundation Scotland for publicity purposes. If you're happy for us to use your imagery for publicity purposes, please submit a photo/video consent form which can be accessed hereThis is required for all photos or video recordings featuring clearly identifiable individuals.

Social media

Social media is a great way to get the word out throughout the lifetime of your project. For example, you could let people know about the funding and when the project will launch, publicise upcoming events or share stories from some of the people you’ve supported. If you have photos you can include that’s even better.

Please follow and tag Foundation Scotland so we can also share your good news! Our social media accounts are:

Press Releases

Local newspapers love positive news stories from the communities they serve.  Send a brief press release (or email) to your local paper about the funding being awarded or how it has been invested in your project, service or activities. The more human, the better. Try including things like:

  • The people or place that your activity, service or project is benefitting
  • The difference this will make, what are the intended outcomes
  • Where the funding has come from and how much
  • A quote from your organisation
  • A quote from someone who has benefitted from the funding, for example, a member of your club, a local parent or perhaps a young person you've supported
  • Photographs of your project where possible (and with permission from anyone featured). The newspaper might even send a photographer if they really like your news.

If you have any questions or would like some support with publicising your award, please get in touch.

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