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Your grant terms and conditions - individuals

The funds to award your grant are provided to Foundation Scotland by a donor. Foundation Scotland undertakes all grant related administration on behalf of the donor. Foundation Scotland’s standard terms and conditions of grants made to individuals (NOT groups or projects) are provided below. If you have been offered a grant, please read these and ensure you can meet them before accepting the award through our portal Further conditions specific to your grant award may be contained in your grant offer email.

1.   Timescales 

  • The grant must be spent by the date stated in your offer email unless an extension is agreed in writing by Foundation Scotland.
  • Should all or any part of the grant not be spent by that date, you will inform Foundation Scotland and request an extension to the grant period or repay the unspent funds. Foundation Scotland is not obliged to extend the grant period.

2.   Legislation and Liability

  • Your grant is awarded based on the information you supplied to Foundation Scotland at the time of your application and during our assessment of that before the grant is offered. If any of this information is subsequently found to be misleading, inaccurate or false, then the grant must be returned to Foundation Scotland in full.
  • Foundation Scotland, its donors and clients, will, under no circumstances, be liable for any damage, injury or loss of any kind whatsoever to any property or persons occurring as a result of activities undertaken with this grant.

3.   Use of Funds

  • The grant must not be used for any purpose other than that specified in your offer email unless agreed in writing with Foundation Scotland. If any part of the grant is not used for the purpose specified, or other purposes agreed with Foundation Scotland, it must be paid back to Foundation Scotland.

 4.   Progress and Reporting

  • The grant is offered subject to satisfactory progress with the activities you described to us at the time of application or agreed with us during our assessment of your application or at the grant offer stage.
  • To help us report to our donors on the impact a grant has had, an online monitoring report should be completed and submitted to us by the date stated in your portal. You will be able to see reporting requirements in your portal, and you will receive email reminders from time to time.  
  • If your grant period is greater than 12 months, we will ask you to provide interim monitoring reports. These should be completed via your portal, and you will receive email reminders about these.  
  • Foundation Scotland reserves the right to share monitoring information with any donor who has provided the funds for your grant. If either Foundation Scotland or a donor is not satisfied with the information provided to us or that your planned activities are not progressing, we may withdraw your grant and/or cease to make further payments. Please note this would be a last resort and we will always endeavour to work with you to address any problems before this happens. It is important that you tell us immediately of any problems or challenges associated with the activities funded by this grant. If we do withdraw your grant, we will set out our reasons for this in writing.
  • Foundation Scotland carries out spot checks on 1 in 50 individuals to request copies of any receipts or invoices linked to the grant funding. In addition, third party donors contributing to some of the funds we administer have their own corporate compliance requirements, and as part of that they may also require you to provide evidence of how the grant award was spent. You must therefore keep all records pertaining to your grant for a minimum of six years and be prepared to submit these on request or otherwise make these available for inspection. 

5.   Publicity

  • Telling others about the impact of the grants we make is really important. We share impact stories with our donors, to inform them how their funds are invested and to encourage a range of donors to provide further funds to benefit as many people as possible. 
  • It would also be extremely helpful if you could provide photographs or video recordings that help illustrate what you did with your grant and demonstrate its benefits, to be used by Foundation Scotland for publicity purposes. If you're happy for us to use your imagery for publicity purposes, please submit a photo/video consent form which can be accessed here. Consent is required for all photos or video recordings featuring clearly identifiable individuals.

6.   Assets Purchased

  • Any asset(s) (items such as equipment, or licenses or intellectual property) purchased with the grant will not be sold, gifted or otherwise disposed of to any other organisation or individual within the appropriate financial life (based on accepted depreciation rates) of the asset or within a ten-year period, whichever is the longer, without our prior approval in writing.  
  • Any asset purchased using the grant must never be sold or gifted to the financial gain of an individual or individual(s). 

7.  Payments

  • All payments will be made by BACS. If you have not done so already, you must provide a scanned copy of a bank statement from the last three months to Foundation Scotland so we can confirm your bank details – we are not looking at your bank balance! 
  • Once you have accepted the award and met any pre-payment conditions, as stated in your offer email, a remittance advice will be emailed from our Finance Department to the email address that we hold for you. We make payments every Tuesday and Thursday. To make the weekly payment run, we need your grant acceptance and any further documents in relation to your grant by 2pm on Monday or Wednesday. Funds will then normally be in the relevant bank account within three working days. 
  • If the grant is to be paid in instalments this will be set out in a payment schedule to be agreed between you and us or as set out in your portal. Where the circumstances of your project have changed since your application, payments and their timing may be amended by mutual agreement between you and us. 
  • The funds to award your grant are provided to Foundation Scotland by a donor who has signed an agreement with Foundation Scotland committing to the provision of the necessary funds. In the unlikely circumstance that the donor defaults on that agreement while some or all of your grant remains unpaid, Foundation Scotland will make every effort to ensure your grant is paid. However, Foundation Scotland will not be bound to make further grant payments in such circumstances, and will not be liable for any damage, injury or loss of any kind whatsoever to any property or persons occurring as a result of its inability to make such further payments in such circumstances.