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Sandra Spence Living Fund

  • Category: Personal Giving

The Sandra Spence Living Fund was set up in 2023 to honour the special and generous life of Sandra Spence, who passed away in December 2021. She would hope this fund allows, to some degree, the opportunity for others to live better for a while.

Sandra had a special empathy for women and children living in poverty and under stress, who she always wished to help during her lifetime. The Sandra Spence Living Fund has been created to fund charities and groups working to support these people, enabling Sandra’s kindness to continue.

Sandra Spence (1970-2021) left a huge legacy of love, kindness, and enduring friendship. She would have wanted to see her altruism and generosity continue in the world, as she was passionate about opportunities for those who were not born into a world of even means. 

Her strong instinct for just doing the right thing without the need for praise was just part of her big personality. Those who knew her remember her colour, vitality, and warmth. She always had a big hug for everyone.sandra bubbles

Sandra’s life was a celebration of the most important things: love, friendship, family, liberty, and justice. She was passionate about rights for women, for all those who were dispossessed, disenfranchised, and those without means. 

Her passion for travel brought her knowledge of the world and an understanding of the need for a big heart, to live well and to be understanding. She felt everyone should have the right to explore their world and to laugh and love, and in her working career she valued friendship and camaraderie above all. 

Everyone who knew her will recall her big lipstick smile, her enthusiasm, and her endless encouragement.

Sandra supported charities of all types throughout her life, always giving freely to those who asked for help, and she was particularly passionate about the rights of young women to pursue their dreams in safety and with equal opportunity in the world. 

Sandra grew up in Paisley and worked her way up after high school into a successful working career at Scottish Power, eventually moving into the green energy sector, for which she was a huge advocate. In her personal life, she was a supportive and loving friend – always listening, always there, always making huge efforts to help keep friends and family valuing the most important things.

Her life was a passionate whirlwind of travel, colour, music, art, literature, and lively discussion, but she also had a quieter, private side when she liked to wander amongst nature with her binoculars, watching ravens, eagles, otters, squirrels, and hares, some of her favourite creatures sharing this planet with us. 

She had a deep empathy for everything that lives, and her vision of the world was one where we should consider all around us as family. 

She leaves behind a great sense of the proper meaning of a good life and a meaningful legacy for us all to continue: to live well and passionately, to be kind to each other, and to look on the world with wonder. 

‘Big things, amazing things!’ she used to say.

 If you would like to donate to this fund please email for further information or click here to donate via JustGiving.