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Bowling balls on a bowling green
Bowling balls on a bowling green

Funding to help maintain Upper Donside Bowling Club

Upper Donside Bowling Club was awarded £8,000.00 towards the purchase of a multi-tined fine turf aerating machine to improve the health of the bowling green and ensure the sustainability of the Bowling Club.

The Bowling green was affected by a turf disease called Fusarium Patch. This can be a devastating disease on fine turf surfaces as the patches, many inches in diameter, adversely affect the performance of the playing surface as well as its aesthetic value. Fusarium fungus is also highly transmittable to other grass surfaces via footwear and bowling equipment.

The multi-tined fine turf Aerator purchased with the grant in action on the green

It is possible to treat Fusarium with Agri chemicals however underlying soil health is the root cause of the problem, and chemical treatments have to be repeated to remain effective and are temporary at best. A multi-tined fine-turf soil aerator machine slits the soil allowing water and oxygen to circulate through the turf. It allows the grass to breathe and grow and prevents waterlogging, which is the root cause of moss and Fusarium build-up in the first place.

The machine, purchased at the beginning of the season with the grant, has helped the club return the green to full health. This, in turn, will help support the club’s sustainability by retaining members with its high-quality playing facility as well as attracting new players. It will enable the club to participate in local leagues and host regional competitions with confidence and success, as visiting bowlers are reluctant to play on Fusarium-affected greens due to the infectious nature of the fungus.