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Pinkston Watersports
Pinkston Watersports

Pinkston Watersports

Over the last ten years, we have invested over £12 million through our Social Investment programme to help social enterprises deliver pioneering and impactful business ideas that also look to address local issues and needs. But with Foundation Scotland, it’s more than just money. We care about the future of the projects we support. From grant funding and repayable finance to expert guidance from our investment team - this is a partnership.

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Pinkston Watersports

Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow is one of the newest members of our Social Investment family. 

They opened back in 2014, and the centre is a thriving project allowing thousands of people every year to access paddlesports in the centre of Glasgow. The project provides a variety of water-based activities to people from all backgrounds and all abilities.

Pinkston is the only artificial white water course in Scotland and is used by beginners and Scottish elite watersports athletes. It is proud to have “clean water” credentials which also enable open water swimmers to utilise the facilities.

The local community is at the heart of Pinkston and all that they do. They deliver significant social benefit in an area of Glasgow which faces multiple challenges, and they also deliver significant impacts to other local and national groups who may not otherwise be able to access facilities such as these, for example, asylum seekers, young offenders, and those with additional support needs.

Pinkston is also home to 18 clubs and organisations that hire space in shipping container storage facilities.  These organisations range from paddlesports clubs, third sector organisations, rescue services, commercial outdoor operators and coaches, schools and local and national youth organisations.

Recently, it became clear that there were capacity constraints in terms of water time, storage containers for groups, and growth in the popularity of resident groups. Pinkston needed revenue to expand the site, upgrade the existing water pumps, which are critical for keeping the water clean, and a new pump.

They approached Foundation Scotland in November 2022 and were supported with a blend of grant and loan funding of £250,000 over ten years, and are already in the early stages of redevelopment.