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Women on telephone
Women on telephone

Providing Christmas cheer

Grey Matters Active Ageing was established in 2019 with the aim of addressing loneliness and isolation among the over 60s in their community.

The group work within Helensburgh and Lomond in the Argyll and Bute area and offer a range of social activities and opportunity for peer-led support ensuring their members have a voice at a local and national level. They have around 150 members but through various partnerships, they work with approximately 200 people.

Grey Matters Active Ageing was aware that during the Covid-19 lockdowns some of its members had experienced a very difficult time and had been unable to take part in their usual social activities. Meaning that some had become lonely and isolated. With funding from the Sir George Earle Benevolent Fund, the group were able to hold two Christmas dinners which were attended by 100 people in total. Even though the group had to make adjustments to the dinners due to restrictions and guidelines in place the attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

In addition to the dinners, Grey Matters Active Ageing also delivered care packs to all their members, held Zoom activities and offered telephone befriending. In total, they reached 140 people, the majority of whom are in their 80s. Many of the participants have no family members living locally so the interactions provided by Grey Matters Active Ageing are a key part of their lives and go a long way to combatting feelings of loneliness and isolation.