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popcorn and cinema tickets
popcorn and cinema tickets

Spotlight on Moorflix Community Cinema

In 2023, Moorflix Community Cinema was awarded £1,500 to relaunch its community screenings following the closure of the screenings due to restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moorflix Community Cinema was established in 2010 by a group of volunteers, to set up film screenings to bring people together and provide residents of North Middleton, Temple and Carrington, the opportunity to view film screenings in Temple Village Hall on a regular basis.  

The evenings are designed to be socially inclusive, encouraging a range of audience members from young people through to adults to attend.  Films that have been screened have included Elvis, Belfast, The Personal History of David Copperfield and Broker.

The audience can purchase popcorn and beverages to enhance their cinematic experience. 

Approximately 30 people attend each film evening. 

The screening has proved a great opportunity to encourage social interaction and inclusivity within the rural community.  Providing encouragement for people who face barriers including social isolation, to attend a local film.

Following each screening, the audience stay and review the film, providing a forum for conversation and discussion.

The films are advertised well in advance, on the groups Moorflix webpage, and throughout each of the community's social media platforms, to ensure as farther reach as possible.  

The audience members are a combination of residents from Temple, North Carrington and North Middleton, which is proving the aim of the project is a continued success.

The funding has provided the group with the opportunity to purchase new equipment to support the screenings, as well as licensing and start up costs associated with relaunching its event.  

Since the relaunch of Moorflix, they have had a great turnout from local people.  

Some feedback from some of the audience members included:

'It's so good to get out to the movies again.'


'So glad we can meet up without travelling into Edinburgh.'


'Isn't this lovely, watching a movie, having snacks and a good chat before hand, but also a wee debate about the movie afterwards.'


'Those who have struggled to hear in the past are grateful that the subtitles are always shown now too.'

The dedicated group has been instrumental in ensuring the successful relaunch of the Moorflix Community Cinema and the group looks forward to continuing to deliver an electric range of films for its community to enjoy.