About Foundation Scotland

Foundation Scotland is an independent charity established to strengthen local communities by providing a source of funding to community led projects the length and breadth of Scotland.

Foundation Scotland, was established to help people and organisations give to good causes effectively and inexpensively. Since 1996, the Foundation has been delivering innovative funding programmes, distributing over £70 million to charities and community groups. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to find lesser known charities ensuring our awards create lasting change.

Foundation Scotland is part of a national movement of community foundations that undertake strategic grant making, facilitate philanthropy and contribute to achieving lasting impact in communities across Scotland.

For more detailed information about the services we provide download An Introduction to Foundation Scotland.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant Scotland where philanthropists and independent funders invest money, expertise and influence to make a difference to causes and communities that inspire them.


To facilitate charitable funding making it effective and engaging.


To be the professional hub of Scottish philanthropy for lasting impact in Scotland’s communities

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