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Image of Cairnryan Community Action Plan
Image of Cairnryan Community Action Plan

Cairnryan Community Action Plan

  • Date published: 26/04/23
  • Related fund: Cairnryan

Every household in Cairnryan recently received their copy of a summary of the Community Action Plan which was funded by the Cairnryan Community Fund. The Community Action Plan is a document which sets out a vision for Cairnryan, with priorities set by local people, a timeline for achieving them, and options for implementing those priorities.

The Action Plan had four key themes, the village hall and facilties, community life, environmental and outdoor pursuits and celebrating the village's heritage. This plan will help the community to work together to deliver on their ambitions, and it will also help shape the use of the Community Fund in Cairnryan.

You can read the full Community Action Plan here.