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defib Iin a phone box and new benches
defib Iin a phone box and new benches

Local landmarks restored in Heriot 

A grant award from the Carcant Wind Farm Community Fund (Heriot) has enabled the Community Council to improve two local landmarks and create a new seating area to allow residents and visitors to enjoy the tranquil surroundings.  

The award of £3600 has breathed new life into the landmark Millenium bench and enabled the refurbishment of the local red telephone box, which actually houses a defibrillator.  

The bench, which was created to celebrate the Millennium, had fallen into disrepair, and has now been replaced with a beautiful, unique, and durable bench made from teak. This will provide a peaceful resting place for locals and visitors in the Heriot Station area.  

The phone box had been neglected for over 50 years, which had put the defibrillator at risk, and had also become an eyesore. Although some residents are aware that the kiosk houses the defibrillator, the absence of clear signage meant that newer residents and passing road-users would not. By improving the signage and appearance of the phone box, the defibrillator is now more accessible and easier to identify in case of an emergency. 

bench and phone box

Additionally, a new bench has been installed at Sandyknowe, which provides a beautiful view of the local scenery. Previously, there had been no formal seating along the 18-mile stretch of the B709, which runs through the original Heriot village, and which is regularly and increasingly used by cyclists. The new bench will benefit residents, passing cyclists, and the increasing number of walkers using the nearby routes.  

The Heriot Community Fund grant has enabled the Community Council to carry out these improvements, is a practical example of how community funds can positively impact a local area and enhance the lives of its residents. 

The Heriot Community Fund comprises community benefit monies provided by the operators of two wind farms located near Heriot in the Scottish Borders: Schroders Greencoat, the owner of Carcant Wind Farm, and SSE, the owner of Toddleburn Wind Farm. The fund supports community projects that benefit those living in the Heriot Community Council area. The Fund is administered by Foundation Scotland.