What we do

Since 1996, Foundation Scotland (formerly Scottish Community Foundation), has been working with people and organisations to help them give to good causes effectively and inexpensively.

We provide administration and management support services to make their charitable giving easy and tax-efficient. We also offer our clients independent advice on charitable giving and a professional grant-making service, which links them to exceptional charities that are seeking funding.

Last year, on behalf of our donors, we distributed over £8M making us one of the largest funders of the voluntary sector in Scotland. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to find lesser known charities, including community groups, ensuring our awards make an impact and create lasting change.

Why choose Foundation Scotland?

  • We make an impact; our in-depth knowledge of the third sector means we know about the needs in communities and can target grants to where they will make most difference. We believe local people are best placed to create positive change in their communities so we support them to do just that.
  • A professional service: We provide a personalised and professional service tailored to each donor
  • Flexible: We offer a variety of types of funds and foundations to suit our donor’s desired level of involvement. Our donors can choose how they wish to support the local community, benefitting from our expertise. Our donors can change their mind over time, or prioritise themes on a yearly basis. Our donors are in control of their philanthropy and can be involved as much or as little as they wish in the grant making process.
  • We carry the legal and financial responsibility: All our funds and foundations sit under the Foundation Scotland registered charity number. We take care of all the annual accounting and reporting.
  • Minimum hassle; leave all the time consuming administration to us.
  • Value for money: We can provide information on the most tax efficient way to give, keeping administrative costs to a minimum.
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