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Barrhill Education & Training Fund

Max grant size Up to £3,000
South Ayrshire
Key dates No deadlines - apply at any time

About this fund

This fund aims to improve the opportunities and livelihoods of people living in Barrhill Community Council area by providing bursaries. These grants aim to help people access training and education opportunities that better equip them with the range of skills needed to enter or retain employment.  The fund is provided by Barrhill Community Interest Company, using funds from ScottishPower Renewables and the Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company linked to the Mark Hill and Kilgallioch windfarms. 

Purpose of this fund

The purpose of the Barrhill Education & Training Fund is to improve the opportunities and livelihoods of people living in the fund area.  

The education or training opportunity may be long-term (one year or more) or shorter (1 day or even less, or taught over a period of weeks or months), full time or part time. The level of grant will depend on the course the applicant wants to do and other funding available to them.  

For short courses under a year, an applicant can apply for all or part of the course fee or associated costs, with a maximum grant of £1,000. 

For courses of one year or longer (termed ‘multi-year’), the fund can offer a maximum of £1,000 per year for up to three years. 

The overall maximum award (combining fees and other costs) for all courses is capped at £3,000.

The grant can be used to support course fees where these cannot be met from other sources, and the fund may also assist with the cost of equipment, travel, childcare and subsistence (see list below). Evidence of how costs have been calculated will be required. 

Awards to part-time students will be calculated on a pro-rata full-time equivalent, depending on the costs sought.  

Participation in a wide range of courses can be funded (full or part-time), including Modern Apprenticeships, Foundation Apprenticeships, NC, HNC, HND, undergraduate degrees, post-graduate qualifications and short vocational courses.   

Awards can support costs that are directly related to attending your course or apprenticeship, including: 

  • Course fees, but only where these costs cannot be waived or funded through any other means 

  • Study aids and equipment e.g., laptops, software, stationery up to a maximum of £500 

  • Technical aids/equipment e.g., specialist clothing relating to the course, tools, other specialist equipment. 

  • Travel and subsistence costs e.g., bus, train or petrol, meals etc. 

  • Accommodation costs

  • Childcare costs to allow you to study

  • Driving lessons and driving practical or theory tests (including driving qualifications related to employment such as contribution to HGV licence, construction cards or trailer test) capped at £1,000 in total, with no return to the Fund for a second award.

Additional criteria

  • Opportunities leading to formal / recognised qualifications (and with SVQ ratings) will be favoured, however other courses will also be considered where the applicant can demonstrate how the skills and knowledge gained will realistically support them in securing or retaining a job or in setting up their own business.
  • Offer letters from employers/colleges should be submitted as part of the application. 
  • Those receiving bursaries will be expected to provide a written summary of the skills and knowledge they have gained as a result.

Who can apply?

Applicants for bursaries:

  • Must be individuals resident in Barrhill aged 16 or over

  • Applying for a further education or training course to develop your skills and opportunities. The course can be at college, university or with a reputable training provider. Normally you should apply before your course starts, but if your course is for one year or longer, you may apply if you have already started

  • Apprentices can apply for costs that cannot be claimed back from their employer or another source.

  • You can apply if you are still at school but attending a college course for some of the week. However, you're only eligible to apply for costs not covered by your school, the college, the Council or other sources (see 'Useful Links' below).

Repeat applicants: Individuals may apply for support from the Education and Training sub-fund more than once, with the exception of driving lessons, which are only eligible to be applied for once. Applicants will be expected to provide a strong rationale for further funding, for example, progression. The Board of Barrhill CIC reserves the right to award repeat applicants at a lower amount than requested. 

Employed applicants: The Fund will accept applications from individuals currently employed. Depending on the costs being sought, applicants may be asked to discuss why their current employer can't/won't contribute to training costs. 

What can’t be funded?

Costs that are already covered by a school, college, the Council or other body - we expect University and college students to have explored funding available from Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS - see 'Useful Links' below).  

You cannot apply courses or costs associated with courses that you have already finished

We will not fund training or equipment that your employer should be providing for you, or that is necessary for you to carry out your current job.

Apprentices cannot apply for any cost that can be claimed back from their employer or another source.

Private tuition providing additional support to the school curriculum cannot be funded.

How are decisions made?

Foundation Scotland reviews your application and may get in touch with you if there's anything that needs clarified. We then take the application to the Board of Barrhill CIC who make the decisions on awards. You can read more about Barrhill CIC at


How to apply

Complete the online application form below, and submit it with any supporting documentation required.  We will usually ask to see evidence of being accepted on to your course and sometimes other evidence of costs.

Please allow up to four weeks for your application to be processed before your course starts. If you need a decision more quickly, we will do our best to process your application immediately but we can’t guarantee this.

We may get in touch to review your application with you before taking it to the Board of Barrhill CIC.

If you are successful, Foundation Scotland will email you a grant offer, which you need to accept on the secure online portal.  

After 12 months we will ask you send in a report saying how you used the grant. Please keep the receipts for things bought with the grant.

If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form, you can see them here

If you have any problems accessing the form, please email or call 0131 524 0300 and we can help.

Frequently asked questions

  • What can I apply for?

    Your course may be an Apprenticeship/NC/HNC/HND, a degree or a shorter course taking place over a few days or weeks.  The most important thing is that you live in Barrhill and want to improve your skills and qualifications.

    Here are some examples:

    Olivia has got a place to study at college in Ayr which means she can save on accommodation costs and live at home - but she’s wondering if she can get financial help to learn to drive because the bus and train times don't fit with her class times.

    Robert has been working on the family farm since leaving school but wants to change tack. He wants to carry on working on the farm but do a part time accountancy course, with a view to changing career.

    Colin is being made redundant next month.  He’s seen an ad for agency driving jobs but needs a class-2 HGV licence.

    Jack's got into Uni in Glasgow but up until now has been using the family's shared laptop to do schoolwork. He's looking for help to buy his own laptop and to cover some of his student accommodation costs.

    Elaine worked in admin before starting her family. Her kids have left home and she wants to update her IT skills to help her get back to work. 

    Gillian is keen to find work now her children are all at school. She doesn’t drive and realises this is a barrier to lots of the jobs she is looking at.

  • When should I apply?

    You should apply as soon as you are sure that you are going to take the course and have been accepted onto it. We will normally respond to your application within four weeks. Please tell us about any important dates relating to your course, for example, registration or start date, or the date for a decision about any other funding towards it. If you need a response sooner than this, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will do our best to turn your application around in good time.

  • What evidence do I need to provide?

    This will depend on the course you are looking to take. Some may need to be provided to us along with your application (as set out in the application form), some periodically through the term of your award and some upon completion of your course. Examples include:

    • Your offer letter or confirmation of a place on the course.
    • A statement by someone from the educational institution confirming you have been attending regularly
    • A copy of your qualification certificate.
    • Receipts for laptops or other costs.

    You may not have these documents at the time of application but will need to provide them when you can. Please keep any relevant receipts for up to 12 months.

  • How likely am I to get this award?

    If the fund is oversubscribed then Barrhill CIC may not be able to offer an award to every applicant or may not be able to fund the full amount requested.

  • How is the grant paid?

    If you are offered an award you will need to log on to the secure portal and accept the terms and conditions of grant. The grant is released when any conditions set on the grant have been fulfilled and you will be paid by BACs.

    This states that you must spend the award as described in your application form. 

    If your plans change you will need to let us know as soon as possible. It may be possible for you to retain the award, for example, if you intend to switch courses, or if you fund another training provider offering a better deal. But you must tell us your circumstances have changed in the first instance. 

    You will also be required to provide some feedback on your experiences to demonstrate the impact of the support you received from the fund. 

Contact information

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