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onshore windfarm
onshore windfarm

EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Wind Farm Community Fund

EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Wind Farm Community Fund is a charitable fund provided by EDF Renewables, the company that owns and operates the Corriemoillie Wind Farm in Ross-shire.

This fund launched in December 2016 and supports activities that benefit people living in the community council areas local to the wind farm. These are

  • Contin
  • Garve and District
  • Lochbroom
  • Marybank, Scatwell and Strathconon
  • Strathpeffer 

The fund is expected to continue for the operating lifetime of the wind farm, likely to be 25 years.  For each year in operation, the Fund will receive £5,000 per megawatt of the wind farm’s export capacity, rising annually in line with the Consumer Price Index.  In its first year, this was £242,250.

EDF renewables logoTo ensure these funds are distributed locally, the EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Wind Farm Community Fund is split into six local sub-funds, one for each of the five community council areas. In addition, an Education and Training Fund is supporting a range of education, training or re-training opportunities across all five community council areas.

Following consultation with the local communities, the fund is shared as follows: 20% to the Education and Training Fund and of the funds that remain 7% to Contin, 80% to Garve and District, 1% to Lochbroom, 5% to Marybank, Scatwell and Strathconon and 7% to Strathpeffer.

To read about the delivery of the fund over the past year, you can view or download the most recent Annual Report using the link below. For more information on each of the sub-funds and details of how to apply, please click on the fund pages listed underneath. For more information on the operation of the Corriemoillie wind farm, visit the EDF Renewables website.

List of sub-funds