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Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund

Grant size Up to £90,000
Dumfries and Galloway
Key dates  
Deadline: 26th April 2024
Decision: July 2024
Deadline: 25th October 2024
Decision: December 2024

About this fund

Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund is provided by Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited, a charitable company that receives funds donated by the owners of Crossdykes Wind Farm. 

The membership of Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited comprises up to ten local community members nominated by local community councils, two each from the five community council areas covered by the fund. These ten community members also act as the company’s directors. A further five directors may be appointed for their skills and expertise. Fund administration is provided by Foundation Scotland. 

The annual value of the main grants programme will be around £240,000 per year. It will offer grants to eligible groups operating in the five community council areas of Langholm, Ewes and Westerkirk, Lockerbie and District, Middlebie & Waterbeck, Eskdalemuir, and North Milk. For boundary maps and other information on community council areas, please see 

There are two rounds of grant-making per year planned, spring and autumn. 

Grants can be both for capital and revenue projects. Grants are available of £2,000 up to £30,000 per year; multi-year awards are available, capped at a maximum of three years, and £30,000 per year of support. Larger grants may be awarded by exception - please get in touch to discuss your application before submitting it. Grant thresholds will be reviewed by the board after every round.

For small grants under £2,000 for community groups and for education and training bursaries for individuals, please get in touch with your local community council.

Purpose of this fund

Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund can support a wide range of charitable activities providing benefit to the five community council areas of Langholm Ewes & Westerkirk, Lockerbie and District, Middlebie & Waterbeck, Eskdalemuir, and North Milk. In particular, priority will be given to applications that align with the findings of the East Dumfriesshire Community Consultation (2020). 

Funded activities must align with the charitable purposes laid down in Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited’s own Articles and Memorandum of Association. These purposes are focused principally on the fund area and include community development, rural regeneration, the prevention and/or relief of poverty, the advancement of education, health, arts, heritage, culture and science, public participation in sport, the provision of recreational facilities, projects which improve the quality of life or wellbeing of residents, environmental projects, specifically those relating to climate change, the relief of those in need due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage and animal welfare.  

If you are unsure if your project meets one of these purposes, contact Foundation Scotland for advice. 

Additional criteria

Groups seeking to undertake capital projects in respect of land or assets (e.g., village halls, community spaces) must, at the point of application, either own the property or have a minimum five-year lease in place and be able to evidence this or be able to meet the ownership/lease requirement within a maximum of three months of an award being offered. If the latter applies to your project, you will be asked to demonstrate how your group will be able to meet this requirement within the three-month time frame (for example, having a draft lease under negotiation and having a confirmed date on the Committee meeting to decide an asset transfer).   

Applicants are normally expected to have secured at least 10% match funding from a range of funding methods and CCBL will only fund 90% of project costs in exceptional circumstances. For clarity, match funding may come from reserves or from other sources of funds.

Applicants are strongly advised to contact us before making an application so that we can provide assistance and guidance. Such contact is a requirement for any project with a requested award over £15,000, either as a single year or split over 2 or 3 years.

Applications for projects that benefit a wide section of the community will normally be given preference. 

Who can apply?

Applications must normally be from constituted groups delivering activities which benefit communities within the five community council areas, and which operate on a not for private profit basis. Your group doesn’t need to be a registered charity to apply. 

In some circumstances, individuals may apply to the fund for projects which provide community benefit - please read the full fund guidance for more information.

This fund operates eligibility criteria set by Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited. To make sure your group is eligible to apply, please make sure you have read these before applying. These are available at 

The Board of Crossdykes Community Benefits Ltd warmly welcomes pre-application enquiries - please contact Foundation Scotland in the first instance if anything is unclear. 

What can’t be funded?

This fund operates exclusion criteria set by Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited. Please make sure you have read these before applying. These are available at 

How are decisions made?

Decisions are made by the Board of Crossdykes Community Benefits Limited. All decisions of the Board are final. 

How to apply

Grant applications of below £25,000: You can apply online below and or via the Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund website, where the full fund guidance is also held. Please ensure your application and supporting documents are received by the application deadline. 

If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form you can see them here.

Large grant applications of £25,000 or more: There is a two-stage application process for all grants of £25,000 and over, In the first instance, please submit a short enquiry form. The Board will review this and agree on whether to invite a complete grant application.  Enquiry forms can be submitted at any time but because large grant applications can take longer to process you should build this into your planning.

If you have any problems with the application process, please email or call 0131 524 0300 and our team can help. 

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

For criteria and fund priority enquiries

Sam Bramwell, Community Funds Adviser

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